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  1. L E

    Hopefully the audio book will be released on the same date? I love the audio narration of all your series. Sadly other authors release dates are sometimes before the audio is ready to go so for the audio listener like myself we have to either wait or buy the book twice, which doesn’t always seem fair. I realize this often is a publisher decision and not an author one but it makes me sad on release date if I can’t choose which format I want to buy.

    1. I’m going to refer you to this post here which explains the process the small presses are kind of bound to by ACX and Amazon.


      In a lot of cases, it’s not the publisher’s decision. It really is outside of our control about the “when” of an audiobook. I currently have two audiobooks that are pending at Audible. They’re done but Audible hasn’t pushed them forward. It’s kind of a dice roll a lot of the times 😀

      I wish we could guarantee simultaneous releases of the book and audiobook but we really have no say. 😀

  2. Looking forward to the post! May 15….I may have to call off from work that day so I can read this as soon as it comes out! But I will read it slowly to try and make it last as long as possible before saying good-bye to these guys. Love them!

  3. L E

    What an absolutely beautiful cover. Cudos to your artist. I cried when I read your story of how you wrote the beginning so many years ago, cried again when I read the preview of the new book. This series is so very special to so many people because of the unique way you created all these different characters and wove them into a family. Will we get a little mini novella prior to release date like we have for some of the other books? Yes, I’m greedy but I’ve read those just as much as the published novels. Hair of the dog just tickles me and all the rest of them are such perfect little nuggets of delicious goodness. Thanks for the taking us along for the ride. I’ll never forget their stories.

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