So When Is The Audiobook Coming Out?

I get asked this question a lot. Like… a LOT. More times than people ask me when I’m going to have children or why I’m drinking coffee at ten at night. So to answer this question and give some insight on the process, I’m stealing a post from Greg Tremblay.

Here is the audiobook process and what goes into its timeline/production…as told by the fantastic Greg Tremblay

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(It’s base shutupthatsanumber… don’t ask)  🙂

The most common question Authors, Boutique Publishers and Narrators hear lately is “Will the audiobook be out the same day as the book?!! WHEN will the audio be out?!?”

(I know some of you have asked Rhys Ford and Mary Calmes and pulled your hair at the poor folks at Dreamspinner Press about this… I can smell it!)

So… the answer will nearly always be “no” and “we’re not totally sure”. And here is why:

The way that publishing through Amazon works, requires steps to happen in order. Before an audio rights holder can initiate an audio contract, the book has to exist in the Amazon system… before the book can exist in their system, it has to be formatted, uploaded and approved… and that can only happen so many days before the book releases.

SO, let’s say that “Snappy Dresser” is coming out by Authora Enigma, published by Bouqetique Press some time in July.

Authora announces on her blog in May that the book is coming out in July ish… but not when (she doesn’t know yet)

Authora pokes Bouquetique Press and says:
“Hey, Narrata Voicella did my other books, get her to read this will you?”

and they say

“SURE! Just as soon as we have a contract that can be accessed in Amazon.” (If Narrata is lucky, the publisher sends her an email to put the book on her calendar, did I mention that Dreamspinner are awesome about this?)

Bouquetique meanwhile is working in the background getting the book into Kindle and on Amazon. (Formatting, proofing, submission, approval.) They submit, annnd they wait.

Then they get the nod. . . YES! The book will be live on the 13th of July! (it’s now early- to mid- June)

They tell Authora, who tells everyone on her blog YES!! The book will be out on the 13th! Mark your calendars, Pre-Order is up! HURRAH!

Much social media time is spent. Authora sends the publisher a note saying “So, that audiobook?”

“YES YES.” says Bouquetique “We’re working on it!” (they’ve been a bit busy pushing the social media thing, and also publishing the other thirty seven books in their catalog this month)

Then they proceed to go through the process of claiming their book, creating a project definition, sending the book offer to Narrata, and getting things established. Figure upwards of a week for that. (Late June now)

NOW… Narrata can start making a book. Recall that it will take Narrata, her editor, Authora, and the folks at Bouquetique about 10 hours of effort per finished hour of audiobook just to get the blessed thing made (“Snappy Dresser” is 10 hours long)

… and THAT cannot start until they’ve got a time set, and Narrata has had a chance to go through the book for any research questions, and probably sent them a proof.

A week for research and proof, a week to approve that, 2 weeks to record, a week for editing, a week for proofing…

Once they are all done with the time delay process of recording, editing, mastering, proofing, and all the rest… they submit the book to Amazon. (It’s been another 5 weeks… we’re to late July now)

Then they wait. Maybe 5 days. Maybe 3 weeks… it depends on how busy things are.

Then, with no warning (like lightning, or your aunt’s fruitcake) THERE’S A BOOK! (Figure it’s August… hopefully not Labor Day)

Most smaller publishers are not offered the option of pre-order for the audio… that is reserved for the bigger companies. But… at last there is a book you can buy. 🙂

So…. that is why it’s often weeks at the BEST, and months on average between when your favorite new eBook is released… and the audio version is ready.

In the mean time, we love that you love them… and we’re workin as FAST as we can. 🙂

HUGS, BISOUS and Cheers!

5 thoughts on “So When Is The Audiobook Coming Out?

  1. Thanks for explaining Greg. I wish Audible would be more informative…I e-mailed about a best selling YA story which you lucky so and so’s can get from but *I* can’t get from Audible UK due to the rights not being available in the UK apparently. One of my friends in Sweden got it from, but when I tried to go down the same route with my membership, I was refused. It really ticks me off!! 🙁

  2. lisa44837

    Thanks for the informative post! I look at it as more time to be able to build up credits. I get twitchy if my credit balance gets too low. And if I know that one of my favorite narrators is doing the audio, I’d rather wait for that version than have the book in multiple formats. 🙂 It’s not like I don’t have a backlog of Rhys books to wade through anyway! 😉

  3. I know it’s a lot of work put into an audiobook, but we love the books and what’s a better way to enjoy than to buddy it up with Greg awesome voice! Perfect Team!

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