GRL Winners! I’ve Sent Emails!

Well I had dinner with our lovely model on the left last night, we had Korean BBQ, she attempted to eat a Cloud Cheesecake…did her best but it defeated her, I got a bit sick (milk is not my friend. my body rejects even ice cream), came home and pulled the winners of the GRL 415 Ink T-Shirt Giveaway.

I was supposed to draw three.

I drew TEN names.

There were a lot of entries and I am very grateful for everyone who came by and entered.

So… I have sent pertinent emails and tagged a few people whose emails I could not read.

Thank you guys. Seriously. I am so very grateful for your support and… thank you for bringing me into your lives.


ATTENTION ANYONE IN THE INDIANAPOLIS AREA (Or thereabouts). We’ll be gathering on Sat, November 18th at 4 pm. If you’re interested in joining us, please email me at rhysford(at)vitaenoir(dot)com so I can give you the location! I will be seeing our other models (My darling didi, Lisa and the pupper PepperDoodle) in a week or so. I’ll give PepperDoodle your love.


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