Dear Everyone…

Dear Everyone,

If you intend to wear a costume remotely based on anything of the following cultures I am a part of (see the following bullet points):

• Hawaiian,
• Irish,
• Japanese and/or,
• Portuguese

…I will give you a permission slip to do so.

My caveat? I ask that you celebrate my cultures, learn its customs, pick up some of its language, get one of its tattoos, listen to our music* and for God’s sake, eat its foods.**

Have fun, don’t be an asshole about it and if there’s something about it that speaks to you, embrace and explore it.

Yes, your kid can dress as Moana***. She’s a fierce representation of a strong female. Hell, dress as Maui if you want…although in the Hawaiian myths, he’s a bit of a Loki but… you know, to each their own. Wear a kimono (we actually are very happy to see them on people no matter the colour of their skin or the language on their tongue) and should you decide to go as a Leprechaun, you might want to consider something more challenging like a banshee or a merrow. Perhaps even a black dog. Nothing says cultural enrichment like an ainmhi dubh.

Just remember, *embrace the culture, don’t mock it.*

Seriously, I have a permission slip. I’ll be handing them out in exchange for fun-sized whiskey bottles or chocolate.

* More Hawaiian slack key guitar and Celtic rather than koto for me but Hyde and Gackt! (who both are rockers, which rose up out of the blues from the melange of cultures and peoples brought over as slaves intermingling with other cultural influences but you know, rock.)

** I will gladly exchange the right to eat sushi, teriyaki and kalua pig so I can have carne asada fries, tacos and pizza.

*** Or Lilo. Or Stitch. Hell, Stitch in a grass skirt singing Elvis. Knock yourself out.  *grins*

2 thoughts on “Dear Everyone…

  1. Cherry Starr

    Love slack key. Had to check it out when Jayne Ann Krenz put it in one of her books.
    And I agree. Let’s all show some respect in our choices.

  2. Sins

    I was sort of nervous about my costume because it is a cultural one (though not one of yours or one of mine for that matter).

    But I did it in the right spirit, so I feel good being a happy calavera in a sea of evil clowns 😉

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