So…What Have I Been Doing?

It’s been a few days. Truthfully, it’s seemed like a lifetime. I’m writing this kind of late Thursday Night but it’ll post tomorrow morning. So let me touch on the moving parts of my life right now.

Greg Tremblay won a Kick-Ass Award for his Narration of Black Dog Blues — An Earphones Award from AudioFile Magazine.

In Greg’s words:

A more deserving book I cannot think of… and I’m SO thrilled that it’s Rhys Ford’s amazing urban fantasy that gets this nod!

I know you all are probably going…yes, yes… we know Greg’s one of your special kittens… Okay… actually Doodle Cat is. She’s adorable!

But I cannot really communicate how much I adore Greg as a person and how freaking talented he is. I want the best of things for him. And he really deserves so much recognition for all the prep, care and work he did on Black Dog Blues. Congrats and well done don’t even cut it but it’s all I’ve got. Along with…thank you.

I finished 415 Ink: Rebel and sent it off. The book ended up being so long but there kept being more and more stuff to say. It is the first in a new contemporary (my take on contemporary) series and I am very excited to be bringing it to you. Each of the covers will feature a custom tattoo done by a master tattoo artist. The first one is from Micah Caudle of Flying Panther Tattoos in San Diego, CA. I’ve known Micah for years and he does such damned fine work. I’m hoping to get Rob Benavides to do one.

If you were one of the GRL San Diego crew who went to get ink at Flying Panther, everyone down there says hi.

The cover for 415 Ink is done. It’s VERY different from what I’ve done before and I’ll reveal it later on this year. I am very happy with it and am excited even more about the series. I’m also excited about the first design for the shirts, etc.

I’m heading to Hawai’i… family visit for nearly two weeks. Wifi will be sketchy. Keep in mind, we’ve lost power there because a gecko fell on a transformer once. So, I’m braced for that in case something goes wonky. That aside, there’s going to be a pool, coffee and good friends. And food. I’m going to work to make sure people eat, laugh and most of all… sleep. Because really napping is awesome.

GayRomLit is happening in Denver in October. I and a bunch of friends will be doing a roadtrip from San Diego to Denver starting a week before GRL. We’ll be posting as we go along. So… Vegas, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Durango and then into Denver through Colorado Springs. It’s going to be an adventure.

Sadly, our old man cat Tam Kitteh is very sick and on the eve of me leaving, I am of course concerned. He right now is on a huge, aggressive course of antibiotics and pain killers. So if you could please keep the old man in your thoughts, I’d appreciate it.

There will be a very huge blog tour for Tramps and Thieves starting Sept 14.

I welcome you to join Rook and his cousin, Alex, on what should be an estate sale of macabre curios but what awaits them is something neither of them planned for Be sure you read the whole story AND please enter at EACH blog’s giveaway! One lucky winner from each blog will be chosen to receive a $20 USD gift certificate from the online store of their choice!

The course will be as follows:
14        MMGoodbook Reviews
15        Love Bytes
18        Sinfully Gay Review
19        Joyfully Jay
20        NDulgent Bloggers
21        It’s About the Book
22        The Novel Approach
23 (Epilogue)

Last but not least, it is time for me to plot and begin to write the end of Sinners. Miki and Kane will be back one final time in Sin and Tonic. It is an odd thing ending this series. I’m not sure how I’m going to feel when I’m done. Unlike Cole and Jae, I can’t see revisiting the boys from Crossroads Gin once we’re done with them. Maybe a novella of Con and Forest but the full story arc will be complete. Is it bittersweet? Hell, yes but I’m so damned glad to have you all with me along the way.

After Sin and Tonic, I will be returning to Kai’s world THEN working on Hellsinger 3 (Send In The Ghosts) which already has a cover. And a plot. I’ve got plots for the two books AFTER the next one I have to work on. Isn’t that just how life is?

So, there you have it. A brief tap into my last week and well, my immediate future. Much love to all of you and please let me know how you’re doing.

15 thoughts on “So…What Have I Been Doing?

  1. Jovan

    Sorry to hear about Tam. I hope he’s feeling much better by the time you get home. Safe travels and have an amazing time. You deserve to relax!

  2. Edga

    So many books to look forward to….I want them now, now, now!!!!! …esp miki and kane’s. I shall cry when i’ve read Sin and Tonic. Love that series. Looking forward to yr new series too. Oh, and Hellsingers, again one of my favourites. Thank you ao much for all of the enjoyment over the years. Not looked back since I read the first ‘Dirty’ book. Congratulations to Greg, he did a fantastic job on that audio and deserved his award 😊

  3. younela

    Such a lot to look forward to. All, well mostly, good stuff. I hope old Tam gets better with his antibiotics. Have a great trip

  4. Sending lots of positive energy to Tam Kitteh. Our furbabies are such important members of our families, eh? My entire life centers on the stray & feral cat rescues I do. Hope the aggressive treatment helps him to a speedy recovery. Truly looking forward to all the upcoming books. It really has been a delightful and dirty-in-the-best-of-ways kind of journey with the Sinner’s Gin gents. Thanks for a fantastic ride!

  5. I hope Tam pulls through😕
    Congrats to you & Greg! I hope your visit home is filled with lots of fun & relaxing….you deserve some down time*Hugs*

  6. Jillian Too

    So much good stuff! I can’t wait to read it all.

    I’m sorry about Tam. That’s tough.

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