10 thoughts on “YYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. The little girl and the camel really need to show up in text at some time, they’re so vivid!
    Can’t wait for all the goodies to come.

  2. Eric Alan Westfall


    And, when you say the book is finished, of course you mean it’ll be available at AMZ and other fine retailers in the next day or so.





  3. I woke up feeling heavy hearted realizing the fact that there will be no more new books for my Cole & Jae, and we’re wrapping up Kane & Miki. What am I going to pine for? Well, I still have Rook & Montoya. It’s official…this will be made into a drama? Like..gazillion books incoming? Pretty please =)

    1. Cole and Jae will be back but just not for a long while. I probably will do one-off mysteries with them.

      And I promise, you’ll have more. 😀

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