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I keep thinking about blog posts and what to write in this space. It’s hard sometimes because there’s the “author” face and well, there’s real life.

Real life happens. And right now I’m rambling as I think of what to say here. Wording is hard. There are times when it is difficult to find the flavour of what I’m saying. And then there’s the stupid things that intrude on my mind when I’m writing… an irritation because the world presses in.

I’ve had a kink under my right shoulder blade for about a week. It’s driving me insane because the tightness can’t unlock. That’s a constant annoyance because it feels like something I could get rid of if I just turned the right way. Like a lock pick on my bones and muscles.

I’m also going to expand on some ink. I have to go talk to Rob down at Flying Panther  to work on a piece he did nearly two decades ago. Which is crazy. I need to get it started way before I go home to visit my mom in Hawai’i because it’s got to be healed enough so I can get into the water. Which is kind of funny because my daith piercing wasn’t healing (the first time I’d done it) until I went swimming at Four Miles and then after that, it was all… ah, salty home waters!

Go figure. But no sense chancing that.

Working on a contemporary now… the first book in the 415 Ink series and it’s a lot easier not to kill someone in this. So maybe I’m just all murdery in Los Angeles.

Whatcha all up to? It’s freaking hot here but today it’s heading back down to the 70s and next week will be downright chilly… kind of awesome because I like writing in colder weather.


5 thoughts on “Stuff and Things

  1. Kendra Patterson

    I feel for you on the shoulder. I was in a car wreck in ’92 and my left shoulder was messed up. It still acts up occasionally. Hope you get to feeling better. 😃

  2. Oh that persistent tense/achy spot, we hates them. If you go the doctor > massage therapist route, usually insurance covers it.

    I’ve read a lot of your books and am now awaiting more. I confess, a non-murdery one will be unique! 😀

    Meanwhile, since you asked… I’m editing this polyamorous supeerheroes m/m romance novel that started with a what-if more than 20 years ago. Finally learned enough to make it happen. Hoping to have people read it for feedback before July ends.

  3. Elorie

    If you can find a good deep tissue massage therapist, they can usually help to decrease the pain/ache. Sometimes it takes more than one session. I worked on a client for over a year. She had been in a serious car accident and the pt had not substantially helped her. There is a place under the shoulder blade that many nerves/impulses can become inflamed, swollen and respond to the deep pressure that encourages relaxation. The energy that is blocked needs to be discharged.

  4. Cherry Starr

    Murdery in LA? I love that. (My phone tried to change that to nursery. Lol) I am sure I would want to murder something if I was in LA. There’s probably more people there than all of Oregon.
    I’ve been doing some wire wrapping. Earrings and pendants. It’s slow going when I have to fend off the kitty. She thinks the wire waving around wants to play.

  5. Amanda

    I really enjoy your books. shoulder..if you can find an someone who does Orthobionomy. It’s the fastest way to clear it. they would just shift the bones, muscles fascia in the direction of ease and “unwind” the spot. I’m a massage therapist and used to use all this force when it was usually not what the body needed. =O

    Hope you feel better soon.

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