Writing 415 Ink and Editing Tramps and Thieves

Double….um.. I was going to say fisting but those aren’t the kind of books I write. So let’s just say tag teaming. Sort of.

A fourth way into the first book of the 415 Ink series and the edits for Murder 2 came in so it means a brain shift and voice alteration… which is a pain in the ass because it’s hard to fall into the noir if I’m entrenched in another tone.

So… music. There’s always certain songs or themes I listen to when writing. This helps me focus. For Tramps and Thieves, a lot of pure vocals and dirty music. Blues dirty. Rasp.

Here’s a track from the selection I listen to while writing Rook and Dante, it’s Lindi Ortega and her cover of Folsom Prison Blues.


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