Wow… I’ve been busy….

Okay and still a little bit sick.

I don’t know what it is about this illness but it’s not shaking me loose at all.

First off, I want to thank everyone who came out to the Los Angeles Festival of Books. It was awesome seeing all of you and a huge thank you for all of the authors who joined us that weekend.

We ate much. Laughed hard. And well, in Paul Richmond’s case, coloured extensively.

I actually am going to be going through the paperbacks I have this week so I can figure out what I have to giveaway. So that’s like housework with books. I need to clean out a bunch of shelves and really locate things because I’ve got a box of books someplace. I just know it.

Dim Sum Asylum is set to hit the internet in three weeks. One of the leading suggestions for the blog tour is a supernatural creature feature alongside a street food recipe… but not combining the two. So no… merrow dumplings.

What do you all think? Wanna learn how to make kal-bi and carne asada?

7 thoughts on “Wow… I’ve been busy….

  1. Elf

    I would love some recipes. I’m not adventures about food, so I’ve been attempting to fix that about myself 🙂 I always loved the dinner pictures you used to post.

  2. Sorry to hear your still under the weather! As for the food thing , got any recipes for a vegan who’s allergic to yeast but would like to try bao?

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