Food! Er… Soup. Maybe.

Hello everyone!
I made it into work today for a few hours. Nothing horrifically brain-taxing because well, I stood next to my car wondering what I’d done with my tea as I switched the cup from one hand to the next.
Starbucks has a new frapp out. Midnight Mint and apparently S’mores is back. See? I’ve turned into Teen Vogue. The chocolate one looks interesting. And probably enough sugar to send my heart pounding out of my chest.
Tonight’s dinner might be…. soup. Or rice. Or maybe a lot of rice and a little bit of soup. Nothing too taxing.
What’s on the menu for everyone else?

2 thoughts on “Food! Er… Soup. Maybe.

  1. Spaghetti and meatballs! Hope you can tolerate a little soup. I don’t drink coffee so I didn’t join the Starbucks craze…which leaves the interesting conundrum of using up the GCs I get there, lol. I drink chai…but not consistently, and I keep waiting to get the hot chocolate powder but I never seem to see it! Feel better soon and don’t overdo things…you definitely don’t want a relapse!

  2. Marilyn Adam

    No real sugar in anything and no more than 20 carbs a day. I feel fantastic and have more energy than anytime in my life. I make my own coffee drinks with cinnamon and a packet of Stevia plus some foamed half-n-half to make a frappe and I use Starbucks ground coffee so I have saved a ton of money in the past year. Plus I have effortlessly lost 20 pounds. I admit it took awhile to get over missing potatoes, rice and pasta but I spirilize for a substitute. Maybe I will try a shot of mint with sugar free chocolate syrup in my coffee….sounds good!

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