Condolences to the Arvin Family and a Sad Day for Our Community

166165_dzo1xbfqEric’s mother has sent word of Eric’s passing. He left us peacefully and surrounded by love.

We say goodbye to a great man, one larger than his body could hold. We lose today a fantastic imagination, a bit of a dork and a boisterous soul with a bit of a dry humour but a sharp wit.

Our world will be a bit darker without Eric but I am thankful we have his words, his stories and our memories. Please keep his family in your thoughts during these trying times and may Eric continue to kick ass and take names wherever he is off too.




8 thoughts on “Condolences to the Arvin Family and a Sad Day for Our Community

  1. Sending out all of my love to Eric + TJ and his family. He’s not truly lost to us..he’s just watching us from a different place. Much love.

  2. Missjoanie

    Such an unusual mind which forced us to look at the world differently. Lucky to be around the same time as him. May TJ, family and friends hold on to the joy that he shared with all that encountered him.

  3. Marilyn Adam

    Thank you for the photos….they are wonderful. Makes one want to treasure every moment we have with our loved ones.t

  4. Elorie

    It is so sad for us this day. But we need to remember his pain and suffering and what a remarkable man he was despite it. I haven’t heard much from or about T.J but to lose a loved one after such a hard fought battle creates an altogether different grief. Though their time together was short, each day, minute, moment, and breath. was precious and worth the agony. We will see you again, Eric, in world above or the next life.
    S’dia shaya


  5. That face! So gonna miss that face. Thank you for the pics Rhys.
    Goodbyes suck☹️️
    My love goes out to Eric’s family. ♥️

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