Please Give Your Hope and Best Wishes for Eric Arvin and his Family

eric-arvinIt is with the heaviest of hearts that I type these words but Eric Arvin will be needing our support and love for a final time. He has been critically ill and the family has just issued a statement through CL Etta, a family friend.

From CL Etta: Good morning. I have learned from Eric Arvin‘s mother that he is scheduled to be taken off his ventilator on Monday a 9:00EST. I’ve had inquiries of how the community can help. This Go Fund Me page was set up a few weeks ago and can be used if you wish to help with funeral expenses. It’s going to be a long heartbreaking weekend for the Arvin’s. Please help to relieve them of this financial burden.

This decision is never one to make lightly and we are always torn about the whys of life and the when do we let someone go. The world has been generous with me in that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to Eric. I celebrate his intelligence, his humour and most of all, his bountiful heart. He is loved immensely and loves intensely. So it is with the most sorrowful of hearts, I share this news with all of you.

If you can, please help the Arvins during this time. It is possibly the hardest thing in the world to do for a loved one and for it to be your child, I can’t even imagine the pain and grief.

Eric, you are a fabulous soul and I look forward to seeing you again.


21 thoughts on “Please Give Your Hope and Best Wishes for Eric Arvin and his Family

  1. Ann

    Thank you for sharing the link. I’m grateful to be able to do *something*, however small it may be. Love to Eric and family, he sure will be missed —

  2. Elorie

    I only met Eric once at a convention, but he is a great and wonderful person and each moment he is on this earth is a benefit to us all. I have watched his videos and heard his jokes and he made me feel like his friend. I will miss these contacts and send all my good wishes to his family and hope that it will help them to bear the sorrow and remember all the best things if that is what must be.

    Blessed Be,

  3. Thank you for the link Rhys. Eric has been on my mind for the last couple of days and now I see this. My heart feels like it broke in two. I have sent my meager help their way and also shared the link to my FB. Blessings upon the family.

  4. Thank you for sharing tho it’s such heartbreaking news. ☹️️
    This sucks so bad!
    Will be thinking of Eric come Monday & his family. Much love to them all! *Hugs*

  5. isisrising4sandra

    I wish I could have given more, but money is such a small thing, and at least I could help. I’ve given to Eric numerous times, followed him for years, and hoped and prayed that things would turn out differently – that the happily ever after that he deserved would actually come true. I’ve been in tears since I first read your post yesterday morning and then saw TJ’s post. We’re losing an amazing man.

    1. Love, they need the affection and support you give as much if not more than money. *hugs* I think the family is just gutted and are so glad to hear from all of us. *smooches* It’s all good. ANd yes, we are losing a great man.

  6. Amy

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Eric, his loving family and TJ. Eric and his beautiful smile will always be remembered and hopefully offer some peace in the hard days ahead.

  7. jenf27

    Thank you for sharing this link. Being able to help in this small way alleviates the sadness a bit.

  8. Joanne

    I am one of many who have followed Eric’s journey. I remember the day – right before Christmas, the year this trauma changed his – and TJ’s lives. I put a pic of them in front of a candle, and my family and I held them close to our hearts through Christmas day and beyond that year. I’ve been following, supporting, and praying ever since. Am holding Eric and his family close to my heart this weekend and Monday, when they will give his care to the angels. Whatever happens, I will send my love and support to Eric and his family. And TJ, because for the time their paths crossed, it was a beautiful thing.❤❤❤

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