Wow. Cubs. Dudes. Wow. Woot!


I have a special love for Chicago. Weird huh? Makes no sense. I’m from Hawai‘i but there’s always been something about that city that, despite the fuckery of its underground roads with their demon summoning portal-exit ramps, I adore. Could have started with the Blues Brothers or just simply the blues itself. It’s an honest city with a bit of a sense of humour and a love of good food.

I love Chicago enough to make it the hometown of Cole McGinnis, the lead character in the Dirty Series. So if you want to take a moment to imagine what Jae’s going through right now in the McGinnis-Kim household, by all means, please do so.

So congrats to the Cubs and after such a long damned fight to get that win, Chicago really deserves a day off. Maybe even two. Or at least all the aspirin.

I’m heading to the UK in a changed world. A century-plus losing streak has ended but I am still on the road. Well on a plane, then on the road. I’ll be posting updates and probably pictures of food. We’re going to a few fairs or such but mostly it will be writing, Penn, Lea and Tamm who are beloved sisters from other mothers and a little bit of a cairn named Halle. Oh and a long-suffering Englishman named Steve who carts us around and shows us the best of pubs to eat at.

One last bit… don’t forget to vote. And eat your veggies.

Go Cubs Go! But most of all, congratulations. Now go get some sleep.

6 thoughts on “Wow. Cubs. Dudes. Wow. Woot!

  1. Sadonna

    Have a wonderful time! We will probably still be celebrating when you return 😀 I’m SOOOO glad Tina and I went down to Wrigley on Sunday. This team so deserves this. And so does the city of Chicago and Cubs Nation!! 🙂

  2. The best thing I heard this morning, while battling the non-existent traffic, was the call of the game in Korean. The announcer was more exicited than the Fox callers (not that hard to do, I know), but i made me smile and tear up. Korea is big into baseball. I’m sure Jae is tolerating it fine. And, happy that Cole is able to sleep in, for once.

  3. KKayla-Marie

    Now I want a short story about Cole and Jae and the game. Dammit Rhys! Why do you do this to me?!?!

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