By Request, Neko Pix Deadline Extended! Nov 10!

This is Frank*.

Frank has a Neko. Frank has taken a picture with Neko. The person who feed Frank, Jordan Castillo Price, sent in Frank’s pictures as a share.

However, there IS a contest going on. With $300 in prizes at stake!

If you have a Neko, I’m going to give you a couple more days to turn in your photo. I’ve been asked to extend the deadline to Nov 10. So… get your photos in.

Winners will be chosen and announced on Nov 11. I will be handing out four prizes. Three randomly chosen ($100, $50 and $50) and one for most creative ($100).

Seriously. Free money. Dudes. Send in your shots of Neko. Nov 10.


3 thoughts on “By Request, Neko Pix Deadline Extended! Nov 10!

  1. Elizabeth

    Are the pictures going to be posted somewhere? Reveling in the cute would be so much fun!

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