6 thoughts on “Tom Daley Dives Synchro With GREG LOUGANIS!

  1. Kendra Patterson

    I grew up watching Greg dive. He was the only diver that I ever followed. To see him now and to see he still has it, OMG! Thx for posting this Rhys. 😘

  2. Ruth McMonigle

    That was simply amazing! Louganis still rules!,

    Thank you for sharing that

  3. Awesome! Greg still has it, of course, and Tom is also amazing. Their synchro dives were really good too. What a joy to see them together.

  4. Elorie

    They are magnificent!!! But Greg always set the standard.. He was the only diver for me. When he was termed the best diver in the world, he was. And he still is. Watching them in synchrony is like nothing else on earth. I could watch that clip over and over.

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