After GRL… Swag will be Available!

Swag for GRL. And After….

All of these will be offered up after the event. Okay, maybe after I come back from the UK… but AFTER! I promise. *grins*

Keychains… only one dog tag, that’s the front and back. Guitar Pick Keychains as well.



Back Stage Passes. These are larger and thicker than the past. Matte finish. 14054928_665376170282231_8996272466136495358_n


Stickers! No the laptop isn’t included. It’s what I write on. The stickers are fairly decent sized. The Cole one is 2×8 I believe. 3×8? Look, it’s a Monday and I’m brain dead. I’m still assembling keychains. It’s like bigger than a bookmark-ish. *grins*


7 thoughts on “After GRL… Swag will be Available!

  1. Squee! I’d love any Sinners series swag…OMG alliteration in the morning and I haven’t had my second cuppa yet!

    Hope you have a wonderful time at GRL and the UK.

  2. Anastasia

    Dayum. I’m going to be eating lots of instant ramen because of you. Luckily, I like ramen. Bring it on!

  3. Sue Kesby

    OK, so … if you’re in the UK, you could maybe post stuff to UK fans … sad, unhappy, deprived UK fans who can’t get out of their hovels to come and see you …. no, I know, you have more than enough on your plate, just kidding! (Sob.)

    The swag is really good, hope I manage to get something when you get home and put them out there for us. Have a wonderful time at GRL!

  4. Kendra Patterson

    I so wish I could go to GRL and meet you and the other fantastic writers. This is on my bucket list. 😀

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