Today…is a Good Day.

To be honest, any day you wake up to is a good day. There are days when that doesn’t seem possible. Like it’s just too much to crack through the darkness and start moving. I get that. I do.

Today was not one of those days.

Today was a day where friends came down with their not so little boys… young men really… and Tim, who is a dear and adorable, went to work on fixing a dead pipe in our bathroom. Brooke—my sister in books and sakura sake—asked if we could take her boys for food. I said sure. The oldest was all nom! The youngest was all… dude I just ate. Staying here with dad to help.

thumb_600So… the boys broke down cardboard for me for some cash and I took C, the oldest, and Brooke to Korean BBQ. Much food was eaten. He’s a growing boy. MUCH food was eaten.

Manna Korean BBQ is really great and their kalbi is fantastic. It was a good time tasting out different cuts with the kid because some he hadn’t had. And they gave him chigae to eat while stuff cooked. I say kid and he’s like a 6 foot tall 14 year old. When you ask for more panchan they give you a huge bowl of the stuff. Good to know next time we got back. MORE FISHCAKE!

After Korean food, there was Big Joy Family Bakery. Love the family who owns this place. Got some stuff to eat there… Vietnamese coffee on ice… of course then some stuff to take home for the people who remained behind. Stopped by Sombrero’s for dinner stuff for Tim, W the younger son, and my sister.

The big winner of the day was Gus Gus, our dog. He started the day off with a bath with soap from the vet to help ease his dry skin. Then he got brushed out then BOYS came over. THE BOYS! He was in and out of the house all day with the kids and Tim. And now, he’s crashed out like a snoring blond fur rug on my feet. He had a very long, exciting day. There were FRIES and BOYS to play with. Seriously, life couldn’t get better for the blond puppy.

So that was the day. Tub is fixed. Floor is good. Life is pretty decent. I unloaded some coffee onto Brooke along with some vegetarian tikka masala and miso ramen. No really, I sent her home with groceries and some spare strawberry pop tarts. 😀

Now off to maybe write. It’s 9 pm. Crazy because it feels like 6. And of course I just gleeked over my screen because I yawned. Nice.




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  1. Amy Darling

    Sounds like a lovely day. I have that friend. The one that drags me out of the darkness when the struggles at its worse. Everyone needs that friend. Hugs

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