8 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner…. SOOOOOUUUP!

  1. Patricia

    It looks so simple to make, seems tasty, and is a strange combination—watercress with sausage, if that’s what that is. Good hearty soup!

    1. It’s watercress but you can use young kale or any kind of greens. smoked ham or hamhock, sausage, potatoe, onions, garlic, kidney beans. Hamhock and sausage are simmered for a long time to get a good stock.

    1. No. No, Not another platform 😀 Um…. I also kind of wing cooking. It’s more of a… so let’s taste this based off of what I know how to cook.

  2. Zuzi

    oooooo looks like there is a lot of fat in there, i could not eat it i would spend to much time picking the fat away

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