Dinner and a… okay just dinner.

Actually I got all of my hair cut off. That sounds kind of dramatic. I actually got a LOT of my hair cut off. I hadn’t straightened it in forever so it was time. Oddly enough when you straighten my hair it gets a hell of a lot longer. I have longer bangs now then when I went in. But the rest of it is chopped short to my neck in the back and longer in front.

I know. You all are just so excited by this news. Hey, the mundane! Seriously, I can also talk about my taxes, a chapter I finished, the dog eating his chicken-flavoured antibiotic pill just by me giving it to him and the cat trying to snake the egg off my tamago sushi.

Really. So exciting of a life.

High point of the day? After the four and a half hours at the salon with Kaz, I went to grab sushi for tonight’s dinner and bentos for tomorrow’s lunch… as they were marking them down.

Tonight’s dinner. nom.


Bentos. Soooo many bentos.


10 thoughts on “Dinner and a… okay just dinner.

  1. Patricia

    Actually your food looks as artistic as it is delicious. As for a change in hair style, it’s a wonderful thing to try a new look. You can change your mind in six months. You do look great as a dark brunette.

    1. Well my hair’s naturally black so… I tend to keep it dark 😀 Short will be gone in a few months 😀 It grows quickly but I”ll keep it trimmed up 😀

  2. farmwifetwo

    I am going to become a bottle light brown in a week or 2… need to check the appt date… she had a hip replaced and you know how hard it is to get someone to cut your hair how you like it… so it’s faded. The white showed up at 14… my eldest too but he’s a boy and of course it looks fine on him…. I let it grow out last fall and I’m not ready to be that old yet. If it was pure white… but it’s 50/50.

    I have tried sushi but it’s just one of those things I don’t like. I think it’s the texture of the fish, more than the taste.

  3. Stephanie S.

    I totally chopped all mine too. Went from David Cassidy to Ginnifer Goodwin! It’s fantastic. Shocked my coworkers. 🙂

  4. Zuzi

    OMG the one thing i don`t like where i live now is that i don`t have japanese restaurant close ><

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