Message From Greg Tremblay

dirty_heart_cover_smaller_blogGreg just posted this on Facebook. Thought I’d share it here.

Well.. I’ve just submitted the final files for the final book in the Cole McGinnis Mysteries.

“Dirty Heart” is off to the publisher, and (barring any mistakes I’ve missed) will be ready for your ears… hopefully as soon as next Friday.

What an amazing journey that’s been. Laughter, tears… so many Korean names.

See you around Cole. Ann-yeong na-jung-e bwae, Jae-yah.

Take care of each other, and don’t let Neko eat the dog.

On to new projects… and new loves. Cheers guys.

-G *HUGS* to you Rhys

5 thoughts on “Message From Greg Tremblay

  1. Amy Darling

    Ok that may have made me a little sniffly. Greg is awesome. I so can’t wait for this and yet I can because you know… The end. Sigh

  2. Amongst all the happy/anxious anticipation and the inevitable goodbye tears and incase I forget to say it later, thanks very much Rhys and to Greg too, for one of my favourite series of books…ever! 👏💝👏

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