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The hardest part about being on a road trip isn’t just trying to finish a chapter or two, it’s also trying to remember to post something on the blog.

There’s been a lot of stuff happening in my head… and lack of sleep seems to be an ongoing problem. Today I read a one star review on one of my books and had a good chuckle over it. Now this isn’t a call to action on anything. Please know this. The odd thing is I could read it and kind of…chuckle.

Not sure why. Perhaps lack of sleep or just… maybe it was a “huh” moment and move on. Not because I’m thinking “oh I’m such hot shit that one star does not apply to my brilliance”. Let’s get real here. But I think I’m okay with my books not being for everyone just as I’m happy if someone likes it.

There are some reviews where I wonder what they’ve read. We all get those kinds of reviews. This was one of them. Perhaps that’s what makes it easier? to sort of shrug over it? I don’t know. Do I worry about books and how they’d be taken? Hell yes. I don’t think that will ever go away but I think I’m okay if a book just doesn’t work for someone.

Of course if my mother left a one star review I might be horrified and shamed. She’d probably critique how I wrote someone washing rice.

So far on the road trip I’ve watched Deadpool. FUCKING awesome movie. Cooked a bunch… made a very Korean spicy kimchi chigae… and nearly dumped an entire vanilla soy latte with no foam all over the inside of Mary Calmes’ car. To be fair, I was getting choked by the seat belt at that time.

It was fricking freezing when I landed and snow is always a fascinating thing for me. I also ate at my first Steak n Shake and it was pretty decent. Met a bunch of people at Kroger’s (I think it was a Kroger’s) including a very nice Vietnamese checker with whom we exchanged opinions about daikon. I also discovered there’s no ginger in this house and I fear that some must be found.

Tomorrow we have the coffee thing so woooot! Looking forward to that. And I have a cat hair or something in my right eye and it’s driving me nuts.

12 thoughts on “Blogging et al

  1. Rachael

    What I don’t understand is when truly awful stories get tons of amazing reviews. Makes me wonder if I read the same book they did or if I am just too darned picky or simply didn’t get it. I would never leave a bad review as I feel most authors are brave for simply putting their ideas out there for public consumption and it’s my choice to read it in the first place, so that is on me, not them. Leaves me puzzled though.

    1. Reviews are tough because you know you want to hear they love your book but it’s okay if they don’t but oh…that’s hard πŸ˜€

  2. Geraldine

    Thing is, and I hope I’m not offending your taste, but practically illiterate rubbish made into a major movie πŸ™„ gets public acclaim whilst extremely good books are passed over. You’re an automatic 5*, Rhys. I may feel stronger about some characters than others, (squeeeee, I love Connor, Cole and BobbyπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ) but your writing is always brilliant. Enjoy your trip, and stop reminding me about the end of Cole’s series, I beg you! I will of course immediately pre order ‘Dirty Heart’ but like Space: Above and Beyond, I’ll just think of them being on a long break…….

    1. THank you sweetie but you know, there really is a book out there for everyone and it means that I might not be that book. *grins* And it’s okay. *HUGS*


      Cole and Jae will be back in one-offs but don’t you wanna know about Ben??? *grins*

      1. Geraldine

        I do, and Dirty Heart will actually mean taking a day off work to read!, I mean Amaxon delivers at midnight so bye I’ve finished I’ll not be fit for anything except sobbing into my bedcovers! And I do love that the guys will be back for one offs, just joshin’ with you!β£β£β£πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ thanks for all the blood, sweat and tears, and laughter writing these books, can’t wait for whatever is next to come out of your crazy imagination.

  3. Stan Errington

    Granted, not everyone is going to like your books, but that is their loss! Having read lots of reviews of various books, I’m convinced that some people deliberately go out of their way to disparage other people’s work. I know I’m biased but I LOVE your brilliant books. Thank you so much for giving me many hours of reading and listening pleasure. I’ve just finished listening to Ink and Shadows and I rated it 5 stars on audible UK and wrote that, IMHO, it is top notch

  4. farmwifetwo

    The “Cat” has acquired a “cat house”. It’s a dumped kitten (now cat, and I had it spade??) that wants to be a house cat. Not going to happen, but it’s totally tame and my 16 year old just grabs it under it’s “arms” and carts it all over. Cat is perfectly happy when he does it. Never seen it’s claws out. But my MIL had a “house” built for it, so the Uncle’s dog (which one day will get hit on the road but so far is smart enough not to – but I’m tired of it messing on my yard) can’t get at it’s food.

    My nickel’s worth on reviews is most people are more interested in review books than actually reading. I don’t “fan” ever. I read 300+ new books a year plus rereads (everything except YA, true crime and horror), started reading alone at 3, and got kicked out of the reading corner in K. So… I have opinions and don’t care what people think of them. Which is why my goodreads friend list is as short as it is and if you aren’t on it and you just post to “slap” at me, I delete/flag your comments. I am very impressed at the number of “reviewers” that have one book in their profile and their entire post is to slap at yours or they comment on yours like you should care what they think. Sorry, too old to care anymore what the world thinks about what I think. Actually, I deleted most of my reviews, and I rarely review because I am tired of the “children”.

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