Soooooo much moving

Actually on travel right now. Sitting in a hotel in Austin and trying to find a comfortable position to sit at this table. The table is too damned high.

Man I could use more sleep.

Life kind of went upside for a bit… family medical emergency which sucked up a bunch of time but stuff’s better now.

Whatcha all up to?

6 thoughts on “Soooooo much moving

  1. Patricia

    More than one family medical emergencies here, and still swimming to shore, Man it’s been a rough winter. Everyone survived, and we are all the better for it, miraculous kidneys, repaired hearts, and eradicated tumor. And one family member got both a hernia surgery and wisdom teeth surgery including a bone graft from a cadaver donor. I cheer the advances in medicine that make these things possible, and our lives better.
    You know it’s funny but a persistent chest cold and sniffly nose are often more aggravating than the BIG THINGS. Faith, friends and good books have helped me. And a good night’s sleep is worth more than all the medicine in the world. By the way, I myself managed a wonderful vacation with girlfriends in Vegas before some of the drama smacked us in the head.

  2. *Hugs* Sounds stressful😕 Glad it is better!
    Kids are on break til Weds. Which is fun & also makes me miss my alone time lol 🙃
    Also it’s still raining. Funny what you can get used to…when we actually had sunny skies earlier this week it was waaaaaay too bright! lol
    Other then that it’s mellow here.

  3. Farmwifetwo

    Hope all is better. I got new pills and yanno, who knew adrenaline could make you ill…. yeah, that was sarcasm but I am glad it’s been shut down.

  4. Cherry

    I’m crying the tax time blues. Property taxes are killer. So I’m going to go see my Mom and her cat and dog to distress. The cat and dog take turns pushing each other off my lap for some loving.

  5. Cappa

    Upgrading my tech, which is loooooooong overdue. Got a new desktop and a new tablet (just a basic little guy) to try to give my poor phone a break. I’ve basically been using it as my computer/ereader/TV/tablet/etc since my laptop crapped out…..way too many months ago, and the poor thing is exhausted and hates me; I’m pretty hard on phones, not physically, but software-wise. (I am the reason I can’t have nice things. I’m phone-cursed.)

    I’ve never felt so technologically advanced in my life, but man, having to get everything set up is a ton of work! And makes me think I need to cut back on how many random accounts I have.

    Glad to hear things are better for your fam. I thought you might have gotten sick again when you didn’t post for a bit and sent up some positive juju. Hopefully it got credited to your family member’s account instead.

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