Feed Me….

Or scritch me.

This is Tam. You’ve all met him before. He’s about 15 pounds (a little over one stone) of black, muscular passive-aggressive aloofness. His head almost reaches the top of the couch cushions and he doesn’t like to be picked up.

He’s been diabetic for a while now but is ever so good about coming to get his shots twice a day at 6 am and 6 pm. Adores catnip to the Nth degree and  also has a hardcore love for turkey or as we call it… leezard. Long eeeeeeee on that.

This is Tam’s begging face. It’s the same begging face for food as it is scratches on his head or back. He also likes to get his tail gently tugged because he’s a weirdo.

And yes, those are his eyes. He’s ALL eye. Like a Keane painting. download

12 thoughts on “Feed Me….

  1. Cherry

    Hello Tam. I am very happy to meet you. If I was there I would give you lots of scritches. (And I have really good, experienced finger nails too! My kitty had me well trained.) I am a sucker for a wide eyed pleading look.

  2. edga

    He’s absolutely beautiful. I love cats but a family member ia allergic. Gotta make do with a dog. Mind you l do luff my mutt 😉

  3. Marilyn Adam

    He looks exactly like my Mika who leads me meowing to the kitchen every morning for her little can of Fancy Feast chicken. She is a snuggler, and it is a true love affair. I rescued her from my daughter a few years ago when she was not allowed to have 3 kitties in her new apartment! The big eyes tell it all.

  4. That face reminds me of my Magnus…he’s a tiny black tho.long hair that & this ridiculously tiny meow! Tho he sees nothing wrong with it. Heh…I love when he gets his crazy cat on & rip roars thru the house with his barely heard war cry😄But yeah…he’s totally shameless about giving big eyes or gently tapping my arm to remind me that yes I really should share whatever is on my plate🙃
    Gotta love the furbabies!

  5. Jennifer

    It must be a black cat thing. Mine likes steamed veggies and oatmeal. I wanted to share a pic but I’m not sure how. Oh well…

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