10 thoughts on “Gutted…

  1. Al

    He got me through my parents’ funerals. Now I don’t know what to listen to to help me process HIS death.

  2. Michelle

    He was such a HUGE influence on my life, both with his music and his style. This…This…I can barely even type. I’m heartbroken. RIP David. You were an ICON and will be GREATLY missed.

  3. Maryann

    I want to add Natalie Cole to this too. We’ve lost such great diverse talent in just a short time with the new year. All will be missed!

  4. Sad. Music lost a lot of its voice. Fantasy lost its sky writer. The labyrinth lost its reluctant villain.
    But mostly – the world lost a treasured person.

  5. edga

    Remember watching him on TV in the 70s. He totally changed my outlook on music. Was lucky enough to c him in concert in the 80s. What a legend 🙁

  6. Elf

    When I was little I wanted to grow up to be David Bowie or Alice cooper. I was a conflicted child. Man I’ll miss waiting for the next David Bowie album just to see what groundbreaking thing he’s come up with. Hope he finds peace.

  7. Elorie

    I am devastated. First Leonard Nimoy, now David Bowie. It’s like losing members of my family.

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