11 thoughts on “Greg Tremblay reading from Dirty Heart

  1. Tamika

    I had to stop listening!!! 8 or so more weeks and I’m have this pretty in my hand. I’m considering purchasing the series in paperback format as well. He does a wonderful job, and I don’t even listen to audio books.

  2. edga

    He’s so ‘Cole’ …brilliant! I can’t wait for both formats…I’ve already started re reading the series to prepare…

  3. I really enjoyed this. It’s especially interesting since I just read Greg’s blog post (shared through Love Bytes) this morning in which he discusses the process of producing audio books. I have a great interest in audio books, listening to them continuously (have been for about 15 years.)

    This is also a phenomenal way to promote a book – regardless if format. I’m all set to spend some Audible credits on this series. <3

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    The Cole McGinnis series by Rhys Ford is one of my favorites. I was apprehensive to hear them read when they came available on audiobook. Wow! Greg Tremblay does an amazing job of voicing all of the characters in the series. Thank you for sharing this video of Greg Tremblay reading from the last book in the series, Dirty Heart. (I am so sad) If you have not read or listened to this series check them out. So good.

  5. Nicole W

    I can’t tell you how great Greg is as a narrator, his accents are amazing and coming from someone who grew up in Garden Grove that’s high praise. ๐Ÿ™‚ He displays so much feeling into his narration that you feel as if you’re getting a telling of the story from the character as opposed to the MANY narrations out there that sound as if someone is just reading out loud. He makes your books come alive for the listener, just awesome! I was stoked to see his approach to the narration, thanks for the vid!

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