What? 2016?

I’ve spent most of my days recently head down and writing. I haven’t even seen the new Star Wars. What has been occupying my time of late… my sparse spare time has been an episode or two of Miss Fisher’s Mysteries on NETFLIX. What have you all been up to?

20 thoughts on “What? 2016?

  1. Sharon Cox

    Reading, watching the cricket – I live in Australia – having chemo… Not much else.

  2. Sadonna

    LOL! No movies for me either. Taking Oracle boot camp, getting certified and finally taking a deep breath after that HUMONGOUS weight was lifted off as of Wednesday. Now I’m trying to still organize my new replacement computer that has been languishing since the beginning of November after the rather the ignominious death of my old computer (which happened in June so you can see how sad this is since I didn’t get a replacement until Noember 🙁 ). I’m hoping that things are better in 2016 than they were in 2015 😉 Hope springs eternal!!

  3. I blinked & it was gone!…🎉☃
    Now just enjoying last days off with my son. He is stoked we found slippers that look like dinosaur feet😎
    Mostly hanging with family & staring at our lake which has mostly frozen over.Cali raised & still getting used to the whole it’s really freakin cold here in Washington! ❄️❄️❄️

  4. Shelley

    Watching DVD’s while recovering from bronchitis – Nikita (Maggie Q version); Foyle’s War; Kingsman: The Secret Service; and Tin Tin and Minions with my nephew

  5. Patricia

    Little bit shaken by many medical tests but things are all right now. Repairing extremely soured, bitter relations with an in-law which has raised my spirits considerably and contributed to a joyful Thanksgiving and Christmas season. The healing is on-going but it’s better each day, trust is returning and there seems no eagerness to dig up that bloody hatchet. Peace reigns, and our grandchildren bring us laughter constantly. Great films: The Martian, The Revenant, and the new Bond/SPECTR. Good times.

  6. Cherry

    After making sure I loaded all your books on my new nook I cracked open Sinner’s Gin and got sucked in just like I hadn’t already read it 3 or 4 times. Lol, I lost track.

  7. I’ve been reading a lot and I’ve run out of new books. lol I’ve also been cross-stitching like mad. I’ve done 40,000+ stitches on my current project. Only 122,000 stitches to go! 😉

  8. Elf

    After the whirl wind of work and helping mom with home repairs over the past few months, I’m taking a break to work on the ball joint doll I bought for myself back in November. I barely had him out of his box when I got him before the next crisis hit. Lol! Let’s hear it for down time. 🙂

  9. I love that series. My neighbor introduced it to me last year and I plan on purchasing all of the seasons. I am also the owner of dinosaur feet😜 They are a great conversation starter. I’ve been binge listening to audio books and on the search for more. GhosTV has me up all night – no 💤

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