6 thoughts on “The World Is Born….Norse Mythology Part 1

  1. Dee Ash

    Thanks for sharing, that was unusual. I rather like Norse mythology, though I don’t think I’ve ever heard any real eddur or sagur read out loud before. Something didn’t work for me alas. The myths might benefit from reverting to oral tradition, but I’m not too sure I liked it! Certainly I’m thinking about it hard though. Strangely I greatly enjoyed hearing Beowulf aloud (more than reading it!) when I was looking into the Nowell Codex several years back. Perhaps I just took a personal dislike to the poor man!

  2. Dee

    That was interesting- I’m a big fan of mythology- mostly Roman, Greek and African, but I have read a few Norse stories, so like I said – interesting.
    Thanks for sharing!

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