Our routine with Neko has gone from hope to life management. We have no firm news on what the mass in her stomach is but will soon and from the looks of things, it’s irrelevant as to what and more to a when. So, my old lady cat who is immortalized in the Dirty series will probably be leaving us soon. She’s had a great life and is extremely spoiled. She’s wanted for nothing since coming into this house and has mothered every animal who has come through the door except for her nemesis Yoshi.

Yoshi disdains all other creatures without thumbs. She smacks the dog on the head just because he’s eating his own food. She’s that pissy. But she loves me and is in constant search of the perfect belly rub.

Tam Kitteh continues to do well. He comes for his insulin and noms then goes back to roaming the house so he can nap in every soft spot he can find. He has a schedule. He will also come and sniff at you if there’s the potential for a snack. He is a furry stomach. I should have called him Sporran or Haggis.

Gus Gus is a dog. He will mourn Neko. She is his one true love. But for now, he’s there to curl up against if she wants to.

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  1. Maryann

    My heart goes out to both you and Neko. I lost my girl almost 3 years ago, a beautiful Siamese, she was 16 years old. I still miss her. I have CJ, my boy, a big orange tabby. He’s a sweetheart, Cats you just have to love them!

  2. Cats. We love them, give them the best life we can and mourn them when they go. Each one has their own personality and can never be replaced. Obviously they look down on us as staff 🙂
    When I lose one of my kitties I get their name tattooed on my leg so they are part of me forever. There are now 10 names on my leg and 11 cats in my house. My tattooist says its a good job I’ve got big legs 😀
    I’m sorry Neko will be leaving you xxx

  3. jenf27

    I feel for both you and Neko. I lost my old-man grey cat to colon cancer. I got him right after university (when I finally had an apt that allowed cats) and he was my baby for a long time. When he passed, my daughter was an infant and caring for her, thankfully, took my mind off his loss. I hope you (and Gus) can enjoy the remaining time you have with Neko.

  4. Elorie

    I am so sad for you. I am going through a similar thing with my Siberian husky but with him it is just age. We are not sure how old he is, He just came running up to our front door and demanded to be loved. It wasn’t hard. He is at least 15 years old and for a while we thought he would starve himself. He had very bad allergies and was eating all his fur off, but not getting his food whenever he wants it and allergy shots from the vet when he needs it, has made all the difference. My two cats look after him, sometimes this means stealing his bed, but we have beds all over the house so no one sleeps on the “cold hard” floor. He has gained weight and even puppy energy at times. We just hold our breath and do whatever we can to give him what he wants. He loves it.

  5. Amy Darling

    I’m sorry for you, Neko, and Gus Gus. It’s so hard to lose our fur babies and it’s hard on the babies that are left behind. I lost my Vinnie to cancer in April he is missed by me and his furry partners in crime. Hugs to you and the babies.

  6. Sadonna

    Well damn. This sucks. I hate to hear of so many kitty friends crossing the rainbow bridge in the last few weeks. I know you have given Neko the best possible life and of course immortalized her in your books 😉 but that doesn’t really soften the blow now, does it? Hugs to you and Neko and Gus Gus 🙁

  7. Mary

    So very sorry about Ms.Neko. Fell in love with her doppelgänger in the books. Please allow Jai’s Neko to continue.

  8. isisrising4sandra

    Cats (and dogs) are like children – just furry. They are full members of the family and rule their areas of the roost. I know all of you, four and two-legged, will miss Neko when she passes. *hugs*

    – Erulisse (one L)

  9. Dee Ash

    There aren’t really any words are there? A big piece of fish and lots of cuddles and I just feel so sad for you. Hugs for people too.

  10. I lost my cat, Pepper, last month. She was 13 and my first rescue. Thankfully I still have my other girls, Jasmine and Nala. My heart goes out to you and Neko. It’s not easy letting go of our fur babies.

  11. Brego

    When I think that I rescue a cat, I realize that they are instead rescuing me. I’m on number eight (six have passed on in the many years I’ve been owned by pets), with seven still holding on. I’ve gotten better at recognizing ‘It’s time for me to go’, though it still is very hard when I let them go. I believe they will be waiting for me when I go to the great beyond. We’ll all find that perfect patch of sunshine, cuddle and curl up together and take a nice long nap. I wish sweet kitty dreams for Neko, and fond memories that will help assuage the grieving when Neko leaps to the great beyond.

  12. Val

    Rhys I am a senior food consultant for a pet speciality store. Sorry to hear your news. You may want to look into Raw food for your animals. We have diabetic- kidney failure- and cancer dogs and cats that have remarkable strides in wellness when switched to raw foods. One of our cat clients went from being considered for euthanasia the cause of kidney enzymes to dropping his values over 40% in 3months.
    One of our diabetic animals went from sugar values over 400 on insulin to consistent 120 values in 3 weeks of eating raw food. A really good book is The Inner Carnivore by Jennifer Lee and Dr Patrica Jordon found on Amazon.
    I have more information if your interested and brand recommendations if your interested.
    Good luck with your critters
    Val Braden. Senior Raw Food Consultant
    The Companion Shop
    Dog and Cat Speciality Store
    Stevens Point Wi

    1. Tam’s pancreas went the way of the dodo but his diabetes is really manageable. He’s on a high protein diet with consistent low numbers. The problem with him is he won’t eat raw food or canned food. His life is roasted chicken and greek yogurt.

      Neko’s case, sadly, is much more dire. Her lymph nodes are blown out and she’s just coming off of two antibiotics which made her feel like crap. We’re having to entice her with food where she used to have a healthy appetite. So, life’s not going great there.

      I shall look at the book though. Thank you!

  13. *Hugs* She is well loved I have no doubt.
    I have lived with pets since I could walk…all kinds of furbabies(feathered too!) & after all that experience of loving & losing , I still suck at the losing!☹ No words make it hurt less, but I will add mine to all the rest …I am so sorry!

    I tend to remind myself to love them silly & enjoy the moments they love on me…even when it’s more about the food on my plate then me or when they insist on lying on me when really I need to freaking get up thank you! lol just love them. Because I have lost my babies to disease(hell!) & I have lost them in an instant when they seem healthy. I am never ready…I am never prepared & it fracking still hurts!…but I can’t imagine not having them in my life.

    The wee buggers are great teachers….of living & loving & most especially letting go. I happen to be a little resistant to that last part🙃

  14. Cherry

    I am so sorry your kitty is Leaving you. I know it is heart breaking. We just have to love them and care for them the best we can. ie: spoil them rotten. Big hugs!

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