Merry Wordsmas.

I am sitting here in the quiet house drinking coffee and about to head into the word document for Kai 2.

The coffee is great. The year has been ups and downs but so damned interesting.

I’ve been to Chennai, India to see Ree and to the UK to see the Five. Been to a few conventions including GRL and have met a ton of people—way too many to list but oh God, sooooo many people. Spent time with my dearest sisters Lisa, Skippy, and Mary and had the wonderful opportunity to strengthen my friendship with Greg Tremblay. We lost Neko but she carries on in the Cole McGinnis series and I’ve written the last book in that arc. You’ve let me experiment with different genres, supporting me as I hop through mysteries, thrillers, paranormal suspense and urban fantasy.

Ending the year writing Absinthe of Malice, the transition book between Sloe Ride and the final Sinners book and delving into Kai 2 which already has a title—yay—but I’m going to hold out to see if it remains that title. Next year will be pretty busy, I’ve somehow got to shove in a few novels in twelve months and there’s so much to write and so damned little time to do so. I’m looking at Hellsingers, Rook & Dante, expanding Dim Sum Asylum out and another Half Moon Bay. So, I’ve got that on the shelf to be done.

So before I dip down into Kai’s San Diego, I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a fantastic holidays and to please be sure to take care of yourselves. Take some time to breathe. Have that cup of coffee or tea. Nibble a little bit of sweet and/or savoury. Cuddle a kitten or a puppy. Go to a museum. Go stare at the stars.

Love to you all.
Rhys Ford