VAST is on SALE!

Download the entire VAST catalogue for only $29.95!

I know… I sound like an ad. But wait, there’s more…

VAST is a glorious melange of music. I wrote a shit ton of Sinner’s Gin to Visual Audio Sensory Theater and many of my subsequent books have been written with one VAST album or another playing as I typed.

I gave a shout out to VAST in Murder and Mayhem’s acknowledgements because so much of the delicate steel girder beauty of VAST’s music resonates and tickles my muse. I cannot imagine writing without having the lace grit of this music behind me.

If you’ve not heard of VAST, then prepare to be amazed. If you do not own VAST, then by all that is holy and coffee, go do so. Your life cannot be complete without this artistry. These albums are a pure craftsmanship of sound and lyric.

And yes, Visual Audio Sensory Theater is my favourite but it’s all just so damned fricking good.

6 thoughts on “VAST is on SALE!

  1. Marilyn Adam

    I totally agree…..VAST blows me away every time I listen – they have their own playlist on my phone! Thanks for passing it along so more people can enjoy the awesomeness.

  2. Rachel

    I am so with you there Rhys. Got everything VAST have done and love it all. VAST are my best listening!

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