Before I begin writing for the day, I wanted to stop by.

The cat woke me up at oh dark thirty for his insulin shot. Okay so he woke me up for his chicken that he gets after his shot but we’re going for the delusion of him knowing he needs his insulin. I was going to say that he only really comes by for the food but the asshole JUST proved me a liar by coming by for a head scritch as I was writing this.

Asshole cat.

It’s funny how the number of views to the blog dropped following the lack of nekkid men and in the increase of actual blog content.

I am going to be in Austin come April 2016. Going to see if we can find a bookstore or coffee shop place to host us as we gather. I’ll bring swag or something. I’ll let you all know the when and wheres.

Monday will have a Fish Stick Fridays excerpt. Wooooot! I’m really looking forward to that book coming out. It was so much fun to write. And agonizing. Kids are difficult to write.

Whatcha all up to this Saturday? We’d hoped for rain. God once again denies us.

58 thoughts on “Saturday

      1. Amy

        Awesome!!!!!! That exiting news. Also can’t wait to read Fish Sticks Fridays. I’m looking forward to the excerpt Monday.

  1. edga

    Wish I could’ve seen you when u were in the UK. Ho hum. Maybe next time, if you ever come back. I was thinking the same about the correlation of posts to nekkid men πŸ˜‰

  2. Tamika

    So you are we can blame because of this cold, dreary, rain. Bad Rhys. I always read your updates even if I never win swag out giveaways. Life sucks like that. Btw Amy is right. Can Chicago get any love? Please. Looking forward to Monday.

  3. Stan Errington

    Hi Rhys. I know I don’t always leave a comment, but I do read and enjoy all your posts. It’s been raining most of today here in north east England so I’m just relaxing! In other words. I’m having a lazy day. Have just finished listening to Murder and Mayhem, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Once again you brought fantastic characters to life and another top notch book. I’m about to start reading Clockwork Tangerine. Thank you so much for all your brilliant work. Love and best wishes to my favourite author.

    1. Hello and thank you, love! I’m hoping to be in Newcastle some time in November but wouldn’t it be lovely to find a day where maybe a bunch of us can meet up? Somewhere central?

      Oh I loved writing Clockwork. Adored that world. And didn’t Greg do a great job in Murder and Mayhem?


      1. Stan Errington

        Greg did an absolutely brilliant narration. Newcastle next month OMG! I was really disappointed not to get down to Bristol, and never thought you’d be back here so soon. Newcastle is just 40 miles away.

  4. edga

    Newcastle! Lots of rivalry there, with my home city πŸ˜„ would love to come and see you, I’m feeling like a stalker here !

      1. Stan Errington

        Ah, well at least I have something to look forward to next year. I will definitely be there. I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t get a chance to say hello, especially when you’re going to be just a few miles away!

  5. Anita J

    I will admit the pics (especially Sunday) never failed to get the heart rate up but your posts are just as interesting to read. Maybe it’s the difference between fantasy (naked men) and reality (asshole cat). Either way I love your posts! BTW although I still have a soft spot for Cole and Jae along with Miki and company I think Murder and Mayhem is your best writing so far. You totally pulled me in and gave me the best of both of those worlds. Hard to do since I thought Dirty Kiss was pretty fantastic. You just keep getting better! On that previous note let me add…NSFW Sunday would be a nice surprise occasionally…;)

    1. Ah, it all comes down to copyrights πŸ˜€ *grins*

      I adored writing Rook and Dante and while I’ll miss writing Cole, his series is coming to an end and I think a good time for it. *nods* Besides… BEN! *grins*

      I am so glad you liked the books. <3

  6. Anne Marie Crookes

    I always read the comments even though I don’t leave a post most of the time. Today is a beautiful cool day. Went for a walk and enjoyed crunching the leaves on the ground. Have a great day.

  7. Cappa

    Yeah! Come to Chicago! That would be so fun; just don’t come here while it’s snowing. That’s not really fun. Today I’m knitting tiny pumpkins in a workshop at one of the public libraries. And it looks like we may have got your rain…..sorry about that.

      1. Cappa

        Well we have unicorns for basically the entire months of February. Lots and lots of unicorns.

  8. Sue Kesby

    I must stop just reading your posts in my e-mail and go to your blog instead, so you can count my visit. Wouldn’t miss your posts for the world! Our Chandi has a great sense of time, he gets my sister up at 6am every day – I’d kill him if he tried it on me, I’m only barely aware that 6am exists. Not so bright in other ways, he sits and watches us bring the cat carrier up for a vets visit and wonders who it’s for.

  9. Kendra Patterson

    I understand your desire for rain, just be happy you’re not in Mexico right now. I think they got too much and parts of Texas is flooded as well. 😐

  10. tweetybyrd

    I always read your blog but am a lazy commentator. And referencing to the last time I posted, yes your story of the dragon under the SF bay was indeed, dark…eek.
    Have you ever given thought to doing an ebook novella of the stories you post on your various blog stops (hint, hint). I’d happily purchase it as your blog stories always add so much to all your series. It would be a wonderful addition to my never to be deleted Rhys Ford collection on my Kindle.

  11. Rachael

    I always read your blog too, miss it when you don’t post but realize you have other, more important stuff to do, like write us stories. It’s not raining in Portland but we are all hoping for it. I read that Oregon’s drought is worse than California’s which is just scary.
    Miss the nekkid men but like being able to go to your website when I’m in public.

  12. Barb

    Locking my keys and phone in the car at a gas station!😒 Thank god for Good Samaritans!😊

  13. Patricia

    Your posts are pure Rhys, with or without the nekkid men. I always read them. And sometimes I steal a peek (online) at the sketches and paintings of, Paul Cadmus, and photographs of George Platt Lynes. Artists who depict gorgeous and ordinary men.

  14. Elorie

    That sounds great, the gathering in Austin. It’s pretty close to me, I live in Dallas. I look forward to meeting you in person.

  15. jenf27

    To your comment about the volume of views going down…I read your posts each day, but usually in my email. I only click over to the blog if I want to leave a comment or all the content does not show in my email.

    Thanks for the time and effort you put into the posts. πŸ™‚

  16. Your new book sounds awesome! Can’t wait to read your take on a kidπŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ½
    Hmmm I have admit that I am digging the weather here in Washington. I wasn’t sure I would like the constant grey skies, but in fact I love it! The rain has been lovely too…wish I could share with CaliπŸ˜•
    …gotta love the fur babies! lol I was serenaded by mine this morning…like before the sun was actually up😢

  17. Ruth

    It is an amazingly beautiful day here in AZ. One of those days those days that reminds me why I live here, yet, I have spent most of that day laying on my couch reading and watching a Forensic Files marathon. =)
    My cat’s vet recently introduced us to transdermal medications. My little brat of a cat would not fall for a bribe and would disappear when I would prepare her meds (she has a thyroid AND allergy issue). Now I just rub her meds on her ear and she is none the wiser. I have nominated her vet for sainthood.
    Impatiently waiting for your next book! I look forward to anything you write as I have not read a singe story I haven’t loved. Thank you!

    1. Tam is really good about coming for his shot… once in a while I have to remind him that it’s time for his shot but he’s good. Probably because he gets chicken πŸ˜€

      I hope you like Fish Stick Fridays! *HUGS*

  18. Sharon Cox

    I always read but don’t always comment – bad me! I’ll try to improve in future.

  19. Claire McGuire

    Sorry Rhys, I do read every single one. I’m just really bad at commenting.
    I’m a really lazy fan. πŸ™

  20. Cappa

    Hey! Any plans for the audio version of Sloe Ride? For some reason I was thinking I alreay had it. Incorrect!! As I discovered when I went to “re-listen” to it today.

    1. I have no control over the audiobooks. They are like magical faeries that show up when I least expect them *cackles*

      In reality, Audible has it but dunno what they’re doing with it. I keep hoping they’ll release it soon. πŸ˜€

      1. Cappa

        I don’t know whether to be happy or not…it’s almost worse knowing they have it and are just sitting on it! Who do I call?! LOL

  21. Dee Ash

    No nekkid no likey!
    One of my cuz’s lives in Newcastle, only problem is she moves around every year practically so hope she’s still there next year and I can easy go from London by virgin in four hours AND have somewhere to stay! Wye aye man!

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