it’s San Diego!

So I’m at the hotel. I’m not quite Rhys Ford but I will be tomorrow. Right now I’m in the room doing some typing stuff and wondering why the room looks like a swag monster vomited up everything it ate in the past five years onto the floor. I’ll have to organize tomorrow because it’s a bit too far past the line of chaos for me. Dunno why

Whatcha all doing? GRL is happening and the hotel doesn’t quite know what hit it.

5 thoughts on “it’s San Diego!

  1. Dee Ash

    Got the coat out today, definitely autumn chill now, especially with clear skies. Had to politely correct a pub quiz question sheet an hour ago. Don’t ask. Bloody damn relatives, know I’m antisocial and pedantic but still bother me anyway.

  2. Working, hence why I didn’t see the post until two days later… Although my DRitC 2015 story posted at MM Romance Group on Goodreads the same day…

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