Monday Monday Monday!

I’m going to be heading into the GRL whirlwind today. Although I’m writing this on Sunday, it’s going to be a bit crazy in a couple of hours as I pack up and make sure I’ve got everything. Although I live down the street… literally… I’m going to be a the hotel and working.

Because conferences are working.

I’ve sent out Fish Stick Fridays ARCs and went to Goodreads. I’ve been very good and ignored GR for a while now. I have no idea what I was thinking. Something caught my attention in a review on Fish and Ghosts and reminded me of something someone once said about the book a while ago. This someone thought the ghosts were unrealistic.

Still makes me go huh in my brain when it surfaces. Now I can’t lay claim to knowing what a vengeful ghost looks like so I’m really going to have to say maybe they’re right. But there’s that huh moment anyway.

Writing is a lot like that. Not only can’t you please everyone, your writing seems to only be read by a hell of a lot of people who it’s not for. That’s normal. No escaping it. Just keep being you and write.

I’m getting my head around Kai and his book which still has no name. I have a beginning and a plot. I just have to get the threads together and go. My brain’s been lean on that as I scramble to get life and GRL under control.

I will probably have swag to give out after GRL. Like back stage passes and keychains. I’ll put up a who wants something notice when I get back and see if any of you want one.

There needs to be Hoxne Grange and Hellsingers swag. Or I think so. What do you guys think? I’ll probably make t-shirts for Potter’s Field, Rook’s store at some point. I also have a coffee shop shirt to make and haven’t had the time.

But swag. Yep. Swag. So much swag. *grins*




19 thoughts on “Monday Monday Monday!

  1. Claire McGuire

    So sad I’m going to miss it. 🙁

    On Fish and Ghosts… 578 rated it as 5 star (myself included) and 23 rated 1 star. I think we win. LOL I loved it. <3

    1. Snorts. I know not every book is for everyone 😀 I write Fish and Ghosts…well the Hellsinger line for people who do fandom and geeky stuff *grins* It’s very B movie. 😀 And just fun. xoxo

  2. Tamika

    Ugh, I’m so angry I missed GRL last year it was closer to my house, this year couldn’t take the time out. I absolutely love you. I’m so eager to read Fish Stick Fridays especially since a kid is involved!!!

      1. Tamika

        No thank you for being awesome. I’m torturing myself on not reading the Sinners Gin series until they are completed. I’m the biggest Cole McGinnis fan ever. I just want a key chain to carry around!!!

      2. You’re gonna be waiting another two years! *grins* And I’m pretty sure there will be keychains left over to send out .=

  3. Maryann

    How about a “Whyborne” shirt from “Sloe Ride”.
    Thought the ghosts worked fine from “Ghost and Fish”.
    Lots and lots of swag!!!!

    1. There will be a Whyborne Coffee Shop shirt. I’ve gotten permission and some graphics from Jordan. But I just have to find the time 😀

  4. Cappa

    The ghosts worked for me. As a preface, I don’t like horror, so I’m a bit of a wimp, I’m aware. But I thought the ghosts were scary and disturbing (in a good way!) . Particularly in Duck Duck Ghost. I had to take a break in one scene because I was a little freaked out by the gore and the gross! Which sounds strange, since I wasn’t watching anything; how can it be gory? But yeah, the ghosts worked plenty fine for me! They just rode that delicious edge of freaking me out vs. being too much.

    1. Stephanie S.

      Me, too. I actually have yet to finisk DDG, because I was getting totally creeped out. But then, squeamish! Uh. . .not quite sure how ghosts can be too unrealistic? I know someone who has a family history of seeing ghosts. Interesting, to say the least.

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