Clothes. Sorta.

We’re watching an old season of Project Runway. It’s kind of fun and painful at the same time. Mostly it’s interesting to see how people think. I did a lot of drama in high school and costuming was a great part of that. CosPlay also was a minor part of my life so it’s not an unfamiliar world but at the same time… a whole bunch of WTF are you thinking?

Of course I’ve worn a few things that made me say WTF after I’d seen pictures of them a few years later.

Probably the oddest thing I’ve worn was a shirt made of pastel bright flowers on white. I sewed it myself. Happy with how it came out, kind of like a light cotton button shirt but you know.. now I think about it and say… yeah, no.

Simple is definitely better. I love prints and fabrics. But not all of them are for me. Okay, very few are for me. I do like a nice flannel or plaid.

I own neither plaid nor flannel at the moment.

But nothing says comfort like an old flannel or chambray shirt.

b8fb568b2d09f6505e16ea245fd7fda8I try to work those feels into the books I write. I think fabrics are a large part of our lives, even if we’re not aware of it. Most of us know the squeak and feel of a leather jacket or the worn softness of old jeans. Or the stiff scratch of a new brocade. Those sensory experiences lends itself to a layer of reaction to a story.

What’s your favourite sensory fabric?

12 thoughts on “Clothes. Sorta.

  1. I love soft and snuggly like cashmere and velvet, but many years ago, when I was young and slim, I had a top made out of very fine chain mail, in a dark pewter colour, it was slinky and sexy and I loved it…..I have no idea where it is? 🙁

  2. Anne Marie Crookes

    Anything soft. I shop by feel. If the clothes aren’t soft against my skin, I don’t buy them no matter the style or color.

  3. Dee Ash

    I’m notorious for my lack of care in my appearance. Ironic since apparently I have a good eye, I just don’t care. I wear whatever feels comfy without thinking or even caring about it matching. I loathe itchy cloth, high necklines or constricting clothing. I don’t think of material as comforting so much though I suppose cotton is probably the easiest to wear without chafing issues.

  4. isisrising4sandra

    There’s nothing like silk or leather, or maybe the combination of the two. Dungeons, anyone? LOL

  5. Cappa

    Have you ever touched yarn made of alpaca fiber? So. Soft. It’s one of my favorite things to knit with because I get handle it while I knit with it, then enjoy the soft, fuzzy loveliness of my finished item. So satisfying. So snuggly. Mmmmmmmm.

      1. Cappa

        Ah! Jealous!!!! I was just looking at a rental cabin on an alpaca farm today….because touching an alpaca is a life goal, and I’m kind of a huge nerd.

  6. Marilyn Adam

    Satin. I have two satin pillowcases and it is sweet dreams every night. My cats love them, too!
    Mika snuggles up near my head.

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