Monday in Swindon!

Good morning and hello from slightly damp Swindon. Today we are going to head down to Bath once we get all of our bits and knobs together. The UK has been great as have been the people. At the moment, I am having coffee with the Five. Well one of the Five and one of our cairn mascots named Halle.

1rawTo be fair, Halle is snoring. She’s very sweet but a bit disgruntled she doesn’t get any excess food because the increased ratio of people to dog should work out in her favour but for some reason it doesn’t seem to result in additional bacon or biscuits.

There are roundabouts galore here. I hit about five of them. There is a Magical Roundabout which I think I posed a video of once… but it’s pretty much a squillion roundabouts with tiny roundabouts inside of it where people go about in circles for hours and sometimes just give up, pull over and live their lives in the glorious town of Roundabout.

Sleep has become a distant memory. I imagine I will pass out tonight. I sincerely doubt I’ll be able to sleep in because well, coffee aroma in the morning rises up and tickles the brain.

Hope you all are doing well. *grins*

The view from the UK Meet’s chatting room.


7 thoughts on “Monday in Swindon!

  1. Patricia

    Good morning! I hope you get lots of good shots in the misty, overcast, rainy Swindon. That light is excellent for great photographs. The pup snoring and dreaming of bacon reminds me of the cute dog in “As Good As It Gets” with Jack Nicholson/Helen Hunt/Greg Kinnear. Nicholson hid bacon in his pockets to entice the dog away from its master. “Alienation of affections”

  2. Marilyn Adam

    My husband once got lost on a roundabout in London for an hour…an experience he will never forget!

  3. Marilyn Adam

    My husband once got lost on a roundabout in London for an hour…an experience he will never forget! Glad you are having so much fun you are exhausted. Have more fun!

  4. Dee Ash

    Hmmm, I suppose we do have a lot of roundabouts but they are more aesthetically pleasing than crossroads. As is Bath I hear. I’ve long wanted to go (when I was 12 I had an Austen/Bronte thing going on, still love Regency period but lost the Victorian charm with Dickens.)

  5. i managed to avoid the magic roundabout for 3 months when we lived there. You pretty much aim and go.
    Swindon was a testing city for new and inventive roundabouts, thus different levels of roundaboutiness. Magic is the boss. And it’s terrifying!!!

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