Sunday Morning Go For A Ride…

Soooo tired. Really.

Met up with a bunch of people whose names at nearly 2 am escape me. *grins* So hello and hugs to everyone I said hello and hugs to. There was a young (for me) male author who brought brownies and graciously allowed me to share a bit of his table with Clare London and another author… he had a book that looked interesting but he was off like the wind before I could look at it. So now I need to go hunt him down and see if I can find it.

I’ll let you know what it is. Damn my squirrel brain.

I have chapped lips because of the wind, cold and hot. So I am keeping dosed up with lip balm from everyone. The UK Meet is awesome and seriously, SO many lovely authors. Amber Kell let me bore her to death for a bit and well the Five are cutting a swath through the coffee bar.

It was so lovely to spend time with Elizabeth North, Lynn West and Hayley P. whose name I shall not try to spell when I’ve barely got a grip on English. And thankfully KC Wells had her bosom under control. She had a wild time of it.

What I need to do every con is just take pictures of everyone with their name tags so I have a record because I leave out everyone. And that’s crappy to do. Joy Myles is so damned lovely and Charlie Cochrane is the goddess of everything.

Kisses to Marieke, Rudi and Dani who kept me from breathing regularly.

Mostly I spent the days listening and being in a haze. 😀 Tomorrow is the last day and I’ll be better about keeping names straight.

To everyone who came by and said hi….thank you. Seriously, just thank you. You all shame me with your courtesy. Because I can’t even come close to being able to say thank you hard enough.

I have pictures. They will be shared.

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  1. Patricia

    What a blissful place for writers to meet! You are having so much fun, and deserve a break!

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