Morning everyone!~

Today is Labour Day in America. The day where we honour labourers everywhere. Not Labradors. Although I suppose those could be honoured.

I’m bound for the UK tomorrow evening. It’s a ten hour flight direct from San Diego to London and from there I’m in a car to Bristol. There was a bit of discussion on whether I was going to do Coach or Train. Well, after looking at the timeline and how many planes, trains and cabs I’d end up taking, I went with a car because it cut about two hours off of the trip. Which means less time lugging baggage from the terminal to the station then to the cab then to the hotel.

It’s funny how certain things really make or break a decision. For me, it was time spent in a moving metal box. So… wooot. See? My life is so exciting.

Even more exciting? I’m writing this on Sunday night. Watching Expendables 3 while waiting for the rice to finish cooking. I made a red Hawaiian salt, garlic and pepper dry rub and tossed beef cubes into it. Braised those and now just waiting on the rice. Did laundry ALL day. Okay so I also apparently am here to run the cat’s ears. Because you know… cat.

Tam is this particular cat. The one with diabetes. He’s an ear scritch whore.

Wesley Snipes is such an overactor.

You know that adage that says if you burn yourself the meal will be good? Then the beef will be great because I somehow got an oil splash on the underside of my left arm. Go figure.

Whatcha all up to this morning?

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  1. Cate

    Hi Rhys, hope you have a good flight. I live in Hereford, just North of Bristol and the weather here in the UK is beautiful today. But with the vagaries of British weather cannot guarantee what tomorrow will bring. Hope you have fun in the UK.

    1. Are you going to the UK meet? I shall be in Bristol from the 9th to that Sunday then heading over to Swindon to cause havoc and mayhem there. Or sit quietly at a Nando’s and mutter at passerbys. 😀

    2. Cate

      Unfortunately I cannot go as I am working nights through to Monday morning. But have fun .

  2. Marilyn Adam

    Watching the Granddaughter while her Mom goes on a faculty trip to Ethiopia of all places. The students accompanying her are building homes for the people who don’t have one….she stopped in London for 12 hours yesterday and her and 7 students did what she called the “sprint” tour of downtown London in 2 hours, taking the Picadilly train from the airport. I hope someday she can do the town justice. Have a good flight and hope you stay well this time. Have fun!

    1. Sprint tours are sometimes fun. I did one in Hong Kong during a 26 hour layover. It was like a mad dash scavenger hunt. Good on your mom!

  3. Rachael

    I have to buy a new washing machine today as the old one decided to die a final death last night. The joy of shopping at a big box store…I’d send my husband to do it but then I’d have to live with whatever he picks out…which would either be bare bones simple or have so many buttons you could launch space craft with it. Still, that beats being stuck in a metal box for hours. Have a great trip!

    1. Did you get a funky colour? I want a red washing machine but can’t justify buying a new one. 😀 I’ll be on a direct flight and it’s overnight so not too bad. I have to remember to bring a trial sized thing of toothpaste so I can brush my teeth on the plane. 😀

  4. Anne Marie Crookes

    Having a lazy day today. Not much happening. Have a great trip and stay healthy.

  5. Cappa

    Riding a train back to Chicago, ao stuck in a really long, skinny metal box. Travelling is kind of rough. Arriving is pretty great though!

    1. Ah Chicago is nice. And trains and I have a love-hate relationship. I WANT to love them but I think it’s the whole… damn it let me drive thing kicking in.

  6. Just got home from a quick trip up the M1 from South to West Yorkshire and back as have been delivering my sister’s 60th Birthday present, spent a couple of hours playing with my great niece and now sat in my garden with a nice cup of tea, watching my cat eat a mouse…..charming!

    1. That mouse was a threat. It’s so you know what will happen to you the next time you leave cat alone *nods* They’re like little Mafia.

  7. Maryann

    Expendables 3, I’ll have to check that out. Finishing up book 6 of Victor Banis’s, Tom and Stanley series. Then I can read the new book 7 that just came out to do my review on TNA!!! Would have been done but took a break to read “Sloe Ride”.

    Have a great and safe trip!

  8. Eesh! Sounds like a totally exhausting trip! I have to travel up to NH twice a year for school, and just waiting around between trains and the bus, while managing my luggage, leaves me wiped out! So, kudos to you for being able to deal with all that travel!

    Your dinner sounds so much better than mine turned out, lol. Sundays are usually the day when I try and make something a little more complex for myself and my uncle (I usually post a photo on Instagram after it’s done; sue me, I call it food porn!) but last night didn’t turn out as well as I wanted it to (uncle doesn’t like curry powder–the smell alone makes him nauseous–and that’s one of the usual spices I use; also, forgot apricot jam at the store, and I was too lazy to debone the chicken and cook it on the stovetop as I usually do.) It was meh, but he enjoyed it.

    Today is devoted to trying to get as much writing done as possible; even knowing that I can get an extension, I am at the point that I just want it done and sent. The revision process is cake, but writing over 200 pages? In less than three weeks? Yeesh, no! Lol.

    Travel safe, and have a wonderful time!

  9. I hope you have a safe trip over…never seem to sleep on the trips over to UK (hubby is from near Manchester area) coffee! May the flight have drinkable coffee😉
    Most of the weekend was lovely…but sad today😕 got a text this morning that DH grandmother passed away. It’s one of those situations that it’s a relief( on Nan’s behalf) because her physical/ mental/emotional state was pretty misrerable this last year…she was ready to go! But for us it sucks because we will miss her.

    so today was a sad day.

    But on a lighter note, I have gotten back into knitting with my sister & tho it may be slightly odd looking when I am finished, my son will have a warm beanie hat to keep his head toasty in the colder winter that approaches😎…we get snow here👀
    *misses mild Cali winter*

    Hope you have a wonderful visit to the UK!

    1. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Grandma. She sounded like an awesome lovely woman.

      I cannot knit to save my life. Heh. But yay for Beanies! *cheers*

      1. Yes she was a feisty independent woman & I am so glad I had the chance to know her!😊

        Hmmm…I forgot how mind bending knitting could be? The 1st pattern I looked at had all of these abbreviated directions for different kinds of knitting😶…I mean what the heck is a Mistake rib?! brain sputtered & made whimpering sounds so I looked up an easier pattern. Heh remembering where you are in the patterns the bitch! lol I started & unraveled & started again soooo many times it’s just sad. So the hat brim may not be as spiffy as it should because I would forget to knit & purled instead( or vice versa) but I am doing better now that I remember how to knit & purl 😜
        So yes a beanie! My next bought of self torture & maddness will be fingerless gloves😍

      2. I hear there is a mad market for fingerless gloves. I run very warm so…no gloves for me unless it goes down to 20 F or so 😀

  10. My youngest is back to school today — 4th grade! I’m going to try to sneak in a couple hours of cross stitching before he gets home.

    I hope you have a great time across the pond!

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