So Let’s Talk Morning Shots…

Here’s the thing about the Morning Shots… well and the Evening ones as well… while they’re great to look at, it becomes increasingly difficult to find copyright free material and nice photos to actually discuss. Because honestly, I do choose the shots based on artistic merit. And I never share any personal selfie shots.

But the time has come when I am going to have to stop posting links to the photos. I know I’m going to lose a lot of you here. And for that I am sorry. I will be replacing the shots with more content because damn it, I have to add content and the Facebook page will remain in place. But the blog, I think has to have a shift to a new direction.

I have enough photo links for a few days. But I wanted to talk to all of you about it first. Not just kill it off and leave you cold turkey. I’ll probably be posting a photo every once in a while if I am certain of its origin.

A while back I asked you all what you wanted to see on the blog. You answered and I think I can deliver. If you want to join the Facebook group, please let me know. I probably will be removing the content from the blog after the last official shot.

I’ll be on a plane in a couple of days and then traveling to the outskirts of Bristol but let’s discuss this. I hope you all are okay with replacing photos with blog content. And I’m interested in your opinions.


76 thoughts on “So Let’s Talk Morning Shots…

  1. Personally, I find it easier to follow Facebook groups then blogs (assuming I even know my favorite authors have the “secret” groups). It just is easier to comment via Facebook, in my opinion. Here I have to hope when I log in that my comment will actually post.

    My favorite updates to read from you and other authors are simple… I like hearing about progress on stories and any life blurbs or convention updates you choose to provide. I actually do not like reading scenes from works in progress because what if you change them later? My mind would be blown having to sort out whether those scenes are really part of the storyline I remember.

    Basically, anything you put out your fans should adore. Thanks for being active on social media! πŸ™‚

  2. Katie

    Oh girlie, yeah the nekkid menz are a treat…but you you don’t have to lure us here with them. That sounds like a lot of pressure you don’t need. You’re awesome as you are. Share whatever you want, we’ll still come around. Just…maybe include some of your sources from time to time so we can hunt up some pretty man pics. πŸ˜€

  3. Claire McGuire

    I’m not on FB that often, but if I get an email notice from either your blog or your group, I always check it out. So I guess I won’t be missing anything since I’m getting notices from both. And I should probably checkout FB more often anyway. I’m a very lazy fan. <3

  4. I’m fine with whatever direction you want to go, I am here because you are an author who’s words/stories I adore. The pictures are icing on the cake. πŸ™‚ I would like to be included in your facebook group please.

  5. A Tomekco

    As someone without a facebook (shocker, I know), I ask that some content still be posted here on the blog, at least about books.

    1. Oh there will be content here. Just not the guy shots. Well a couple of them once in a while if I know they are copyright free. *hugs* But definitely MORE content. πŸ˜€

  6. Rachael

    It’s your blog so do what you want with it. I like hearing your views on whatever you want to share. I never do FB so I will continue to follow you here. Thanks for all your work and words. Safe trip!

  7. secretobcession1

    I always thought of your posting of the twice daily shots as a bonus to coming here. To be honest…I’ve dropped my visits to your site to perhaps 1-3 times a week…so those twice daily shots were not the main draw for me. I do make it a habit to drop by on Sundays tho…yeah, for “those” shots. LOL. πŸ˜‰

    But, things must change here and you must move the Cheese. (I hated having to read that book for work years ago)

    Looking forward to the change to this site/blog. Go forth and dazzle us with the new & shiny.

  8. lissamrb

    I’m also one of the few people left on earth that doesn’t do facebook so please continue to post here. As for the lovely pics of all those yummy men, it will totally SUCK not to see them but understand the copyright issue that limits picture availablity. I love and appreciate that you’ve done it for this long, thank you. Have a great trip!

  9. Anne Marie Crookes

    I have been seeing the pictures and people talking about your cooking skills. Could we get some of your recipes? It would be great if some of them came with a little background as to ingredients that are not as common to some of us. In the Cole McGinnis books I get very curious about the dishes that Cole keeps trying because Jae is feeding him.

    I also like all the back and forth between you and Mary Calmes on Facebook. Some of that tongue in cheek stuff is so entertaining.

    Books, always about the books. I would love to hear which books you like, not long reviews, just what you’ve been reading and why you like it.

    I started reading Sloe Ride this morning. I would have started earlier but I was in the middle of a really good book. It was ridiculous because I didn’t want the book to end, I liked it so much, and I wanted it to end so I could start yours. So far I’m loving it at the 15% mark.

    1. What you’re talking about is really what I need to bring to this blog. *nods* So… I shall do so! Hwaiting! And yeah, food. We should all talk food!

  10. Kyra

    I will miss the shots, but I have been wondering when you would run out of them…
    I’m game with whatever direction you go on here or Facebook. I’m in this to make sure I know when your next books hit the market!

  11. jenf27

    I definitely enjoy the shots, but enjoy your content more. πŸ™‚ I like Anne Marie’s idea of recipes. Your food pix always make me hungry. (Which, thinking on it, probably is not the best thing for me, but what the heck.)

  12. Marilyn Adam

    Oh hell…looked forward to the photo every day…can you include pics with the longer blog too? Sloe Ride was the best yet! The books just keep getting better and better! Your writing is phenomenal and the blog will be, too.

    1. I can’t do the photos every day. I’m running out of copyright free stuff πŸ˜€ So it’s time to shift over to bloggy stuff. Which I should do more of πŸ˜€

  13. James Poppinga

    I would think that your followers can go out there and search for male nude photos for you to use. And also check on the proper way to display copyrighted items. .I personally believe that if someone posts a photo to a web site for review by the public then it is free to use by others, just so long as the user doesn’t use the photo for profitable gain. And always credit the photo owner. Just my thought.

    1. Fair use and Creative Commons opens up a lot of materials but honestly, it’s getting harder to find source materials. So… I think it’s time to shift away from that and get my head into doing more bloggy things. πŸ˜€

  14. Stan Errington

    I’d read your blogs, whatever you put on them. Your writing and creativity are brilliant and second to none, so it’s always a pleasure to read anything you write. I was so excited when I found you are going to be in Bristol, and the 6 hour drive would have been so worth it. I’ve tried all ways to try and rearrange things, but no such luck, so I can only hope you’ll be back in the UK soon, cos I sure as hell will make sure I don’t miss the next one.

  15. Jane

    I’m fine with blog content. And a few snippets now and then would be great. Although I like the photos, I thought two shots a day was a bit of overkill. I felt like you must have spent a good portion of your time searching for these photos. I have a Facebook account but enjoy the blog more than social media.

  16. debby236

    I am not a fb much but I could try. I like the pics but will not leave if they do. I am here for your writing.

  17. Andrea M

    Your books are more important than anything but I’d also like some recipes. You post the most beautiful food pictures but I don’t have a clue about what’s what.

  18. Crazy you! Thinking you will lose folks because you don’t post pretty men pics*shakes head* yes they are lovely, but most come by to see what’s going on in your head. Books,cooking, music, videos that catch your eye…there is much more to appreciate here on your blog then the eye candy!😎
    I look forward to seeing what you come up with to share! *Hugs*

  19. Cappa

    Is it just me, or was there a site update today? Checked in on my mobile and the place is looking swank! Love the new look!

      1. Cappa

        Oooo, tough one . I like the header, but this new streamlined update’s pretty slick, too. Although I’ve only seen it on mobile, so my opinion may not be super helpful. On the other hand the update sans header works a lot better on the mobile platform than the old set up. On the other OTHER hand, seeing “here there be dragons” in the header always made me smile. So I’m no help at all. Choices are hard.

  20. Amy Darling

    Oh man the pics are a treat but not why I follow your blog. Love your writing and would like to read more posts.

  21. Patricia

    You got me there. I didn’t read this first, just the latest post, and was so shocked and didn’t know what was the reason for your new approach. I think you must do as you see fit, and be true. Inspiring me, enlightening me, the Mornings and Evenings graced the pages of your blog and helped me learn to write more loving, lovable scenes. Thanks for all the beautiful men.

    1. We’ll be able to sneak one or two in once in a while if I can determine copyright status. So there is that. *Grins* I just have to be very careful about it and it’s getting harder to determine if something’s clear to use πŸ˜€

  22. Dee

    Your fans will continue to follow you (me included), naked men or none πŸ™‚
    Love your work!

  23. lindsayb

    I’m also interested in the Facebook group. Real name Lindsay Beeson ☺ There is always Tumblr for a sexy fix. Your fans can follow Andrew Christian or something lol. I’ll send a FB pm πŸ™‚

    1. I’m hoping to get more blogging stuff done. I need to do that. Even just short snippets of stuff. And well, yes… sexy men ARE everywhere.

  24. I enjoy all your posts. Beautiful boys are great and all, but I also enjoy your posts about food, books, giveaways, other author releases and any adorable animal pictures you post. So I will still read your posts and enjoy them very much.

  25. I love your blog. The shots are nice, but extra to the shorts and updates on your writing.

    How is the Facebook group different? Should I join. I am not a huge FB user.

    1. The FB group is just another place for people to chat stuff up. Like Jacob’s Junkies or Amy Lane’s Anon Group πŸ˜€

      I am determined to blog more!

  26. isisrising4sandra

    I’m pretty sure I’m already on your FB group. Whatever way you want to communicate, I’ll be there.

  27. S

    I will miss the pics, as you have had the best quality ones I’ve seen, but just because they are not posted will not make me drop away. πŸ™‚ Please add me to the Facebook group πŸ™‚

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