Sloe Ride Blog Tour #7: Shot Glass Sin

Blog Stop Number Seven!

Sinfully Sexy / Sinfully Addicted

Celebrate the release of Sloe Ride by Rhys Ford and follow Shot Glass Sin, a collection of Sinners’ vignettes

And enter to win the chance to name the stops on the band’s next tour. Winners’ choices will be featured on the back of the Absinthe of Malice tour shirt!

Every blog will have its own winner!

Shot Glass Sin Blog Tour Dates
Aug 31 The Blogger Girls (Stop 1)
Sept 1 It’s About the Book (Stop 2)
Sept 2 Love Bytes (Stop 3)
Sept 3 Prism Alliance (Stop 4)
Sept 4 The Novel Approach (Stop 5)
Sept 5 Fiction Vixen (Stop 6)
Sept 6 Sinfully Sexy (Stop 7)
Sept 7 Joyfully Jay (
Sept 8 Boy Meets Boy (

2 thoughts on “Sloe Ride Blog Tour #7: Shot Glass Sin

  1. Dee Ash

    Not totally irrelevent to this blog – I just want to say how super cheered I was on Wednesday this week to receive my little horse from the last blog tour. I’ve been pretty damn sick the past couple of weeks, needed different meds, they changed them Tuesday (we had a bank holiday weekend so it was delayed) but didn’t seem to be working yet. So sick and sad I was given some mail by my mum and lo and behold there was a US parcel – my little famine equine! I’ve called him Kelpie (I still think he looks like he’s trying to drown passers by!) and he’s sat by my bed every day glaring at nursing staff until they released me today 😉

    1. awwww I am so glad you got him! *HUGS* Oh I wish you were close by because I’ll be in Bristol on the 9th!

      Kelpie is an awesome name for hi. *grins* I shoved a keychain and Hellsinger bracelet in there just for fun and giggles. *hugs*

      Hope you are feeling better!

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