15 thoughts on “WOOOOOT!

  1. tweetybyrd

    Whoot, right back at you. And may I add I am on location 579 of “Sloe Ride”. Loving it and I’ve learned a new word: “justicar”. “Sloe Ride” is tugging at my heart & feeding my brain in one lovely package. That’s because you ROCK!
    Gotta go now, “Sloe Ride” is calling me.
    P.S. will you write about the dragon imprisoned in the Bay, pretty please?? My imagination sparked all over the place with that imagery.

    1. I have written about the dragon. It’s a rather dark tale. *grins* It’s in a free PDF someplace on the site *grins*

      Sloe Ride was so delicate to write. Quinn. Ah Quinn. I’m glad you’re liking it!

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