Sloe Ride Tour: Shot Glass Sin #4

Blog Stop Number Four!

Prism Book Alliance!

Celebrate the release of Sloe Ride by Rhys Ford and follow Shot Glass Sin, a collection of Sinners’ vignettes

And enter to win the chance to name the stops on the band’s next tour. Winners’ choices will be featured on the back of the Absinthe of Malice tour shirt!

Every blog will have its own winner!

Shot Glass Sin Blog Tour Dates
Aug 31 The Blogger Girls (Stop 1)
Sept 1 It’s About the Book (Stop 2)
Sept 2 Love Bytes (Stop 3)
Sept 3 Prism Alliance (Stop 4)
Sept 4 The Novel Approach (
Sept 5 Fiction Vixen (
Sept 6 Sinfully Sexy (
Sept 7 Joyfully Jay (
Sept 8 Boy Meets Boy (

7 thoughts on “Sloe Ride Tour: Shot Glass Sin #4

  1. Cappa

    It’s tomorrow! It’s tomorrow! We’re so close!!!! If I was sure it would be available to download at midnight, I’d stay awake and binge it until morning…..I may still try that. I conveniently took tomorrow off work. I’m supposed to be packing to move, but eh….priorities.

  2. Cappa

    Ooo London! How are you procrastinating on packing? Pretty sure packing is the easiest thing EVER to procrastinate.

  3. Cappa

    That’s way more important!!! London has stores, just buy everything there! No packing required. More time for writing! Lol.

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