A Note To All Of You…

Sloe Ride is already out in some parts of the world. It’s kinda surreal because I literally am writing the final paragraphs in the Cole McGinnis series right now.

The Sinners series will have two more entries, a novella and a full-length novel then it will be finished. I have other series planned for after both of these are put to bed but it is so fucking surreal to think of what’s gone on in the past few years.

So, to all who have been there since the beginning and to all who have joined me along the way, thank you. You’ve made THIS ride absolutely fricking fantastic and I appreciate your support.

Now I return you to your regularly scheduled murder….

24 thoughts on “A Note To All Of You…

  1. Maryann

    In Forida, don’t have long to wait. Getting mine at midnight from DSP. Looking forward to all your new writings!

  2. Not surprisingly, Sloe Ride is a fantastic read. You paint such vivid pictures with your eloquent descriptions and attention to detail — I always feel like I am watching the story unfold, rather than reading it on a page. I’ve been waiting for Quinn and Rafe’s story, and I was not disappointed! I loved the way you portrayed Quinn’s struggle to be understood and Rafe’s acceptance of Quinn just as he is. Thank you!
    (And now, I need sleep!!)

  3. Hryre

    I gotta say, I love all the shoutouts to your own and other people’s work. It makes me feel like a super fan when I catch them.

  4. Beth

    Always good to see a new book from you! And a hope this will be made into an audiobook. Your writing always seems to adapt well to audiobooks and the chance to hear Greg Tremblay speak Gaelic is a happy thought. Thank you for sharing your writing, you have a lot of fans

    1. Ah, Sloe Ride is one of the Sinners books and that goes to Tristan…. BUT Greg does the Dirty Series, Murder and Mayhem Series, the Kai books and um…. maybe a one off or two. He is awesome to work with 😀

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