Los Angeles

Stolen from James Buchanan.
I write in this city a hell of a lot. The Cole McGinnis books and the Murder and Mayhem series are set here. This is definitely a great look at the city.
Trying to capture the feel of Los Angeles is sometimes difficult. But oh it’s fun to try.

5 thoughts on “Los Angeles

  1. I live in UK and have never been to LA and had no idea it was so beautifully eclectic and it has so much wonderful outdoor art! What an amazing place!

  2. I was there 7 yrs ago visiting an online friend who lives N of L A. I admit, IMO, they have no idea what traffic is. Spend rush hour in Toronto, then compare.

    It was fun. We did a few tourist things but mostly just everyday stuff. IMO that’s better, you see more and meet people.

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