So Question for You All…and an Audiobook Giveaway.


What would you like to see here? In this space?

More about books? More guest posts? Ramblings?

I figure I should be more interactive but really don’t want to bore you all to death. Because trust me, I can be very boring.

Oh…and how about to make this interesting….leave a comment below and be entered to win an audiobook code from Audible. Giveaway ends August 16th.

Also, remind me to talk about Dim Sum Asylum, Sloe Ride and Fish Stick Fridays.

I also have to bring swag to GRL but have no clue what would be good. Price point of course has to be reasonable because we’re looking at 250-300 pieces. Throw a couple of ideas out… something connected to any of my books.

*evil grins*



48 thoughts on “So Question for You All…and an Audiobook Giveaway.

  1. nordicgirl_2013

    Ramblings and snippets/teasers from books/WIPS are always fun.

    As for GRL swag, what about fridge magnets and/or bookmarks with quotes from your main characters? There are some cracking one – liners I’d love to hang on my fridge. 😊


  2. Katie Pizzolato

    I love learning about authors as people so ramblings and tidbits are my favorite. As for GRL stuffs I am partial to Kleenex, hand sanitizer, and all things edible.

  3. How about some hints on how you work? I would love to write, and have read all of the material I can find on novel prep and writing, but sometimes life gets in the way. It amazes me that you can say things like “today I’m going to sit down and starts “insert title” and expect to have it on the market on (given date)”. How can you know this? Do you have an outline for a series from the beginning of the first book? do you write in scenes and then stitch them together? does any author write a book in linear format, start to finish? and how in the world do you come up with the wonderful dialog and asides??? Do some of the quips come from your mind whole clothe? or do the spring from a combination of what you know and hear? (love the quote from book one of sinners about dragons and trolls, where did that come from?) Anyway, some pokes about daily life of a successful writer would be a real gold mine for me.

    Am so waiting for Sloe Ride and the last Dirty book, can’t wait!

  4. Amy Darling

    I would love to have something with the cover of Ink and Shadows on it. It is such a beautiful piece of art work. Maybe a keychain would be inexpensive or magnet?

    Also who doesn’t love to read ramblings from their favorite authors??

  5. Bonnie Herbert

    I’d love character updates and interviews. Your recipes are always interesting. I lead a very dull life and and love to see what you are up to.

  6. Maryann

    Since I started reviewing books for TNA, I would like advice on what an author is looking for from the review.

  7. goge

    I love your work and all your random thoughts around here. Maybe more teasers? From your new books. I know some people don’t like spoilers but I find them sweet guilty pleasure. You know they might spoil the real thing but I just love them so…

  8. Elizabeth Marshall

    I always love guest posts and learning more about authors, upcoming releases and recommendations. I also love character interviews, more facts about characters, mini stories touching base with characters as a sort of after epilogue epilogues. And of course competitions and other interesting ramblings, ideas or artworks are always fun to get involved in/read. ;D

  9. Caroline

    I love to hear about what makes an author tick, how you write, things that give inspiration, and general ramblings! Everything is good to me!

  10. Stephanie

    How about updates on our favorite characters from Cole McGinnis series and sinners gin series. These series are set to end soon but don’t want to lose the characters or their worlds. Please! πŸ™‚

  11. Karen Metasavage

    What to put here? Uh, more pics of hot guys! I’m always trying to match up the pics with characters from your books. As far as swag? What else would you take to promote my favorite m/m series Sinners Gin? Small shot size bottles of gin, rye and whiskey! Best sway ever!!!
    Counting the days till I see Sloe Ride for pre-order on Amazon. It’s getting exciting!

  12. Sharon Cox

    Teasers from your books, possible suggestions about other books and authors that you have discovered or are reading and I love your ramblings.

  13. I find everything you post interesting. Some of the videos are so out there that I google them to see what else I can find. I love author interviews. One author I really like did an interview with her characters which was hilarious. I’m sure you could do that kind of thing with your usual panache. Recipes are good too. I think one liner bookmarks would be amusing. You have tons from your books that would work. Oh, the songs that Miki and Damian work on, that you use at the beginning of the chapters of the Sinners series would be terrific. I’ve never seen what people put in swags, so I’m not much use for that, sorry.

  14. Sharon Cox

    I forgot to mention – I love the photos of the gorgeous guys that you send out. Always a highlight.

  15. Dee Ash

    Dim sum asylum? Fish stick Fridays (and is that fish fingers (white fish in beadcrumbs or batter, eaten cooked) or like a crab stick (minced and reformed fish with flavouring, eaten cold)? These are the intriguingly confusing snippets that keep me reading!

  16. Tarrish

    At first I thought you were asking what we saw in the picture of the ducks. >.<

    As for what to see in this space, I think ramblings are wonderful. Mix it up with food and books, and BAM… Great. πŸ˜€

  17. waxapplelover

    Anything is fine, really. I actually really love the insights into what you’re eating. Mainly cause I’m usually jealous. πŸ˜‰

    As for swag, it may not be possible, but a mini Dude! Wouldn’t that be just adorable?

  18. debby236

    I like hot pics as well. I do enjoy learning how a book evolved. I also like behind the scenes.

  19. I love the mini vignettes on character live, the pix, and book updates. As far as swag…how about more ring tones, codes for appropriate songs e.g. Foghat – slow Ride, or key chains with the character pix and stats.

  20. Katie

    *Don’t include me in the audio book giveaway, I’m too much of a reading fiend*

    I love your bi-daily hot-guy pics…keep doing that. Would love your ramblings, whatever you want to share about your life, your writing process, your views on stuff and goings on, recipes, guests would be cool too…whatever you want , ’cause you’re witty as hell. You’re one of the most interactive authors I’ve come across…and you make people want to interact with you. It’s awesome because I’m not a very interactive person (like, at ALL)…and here I am!

    Personally, I do my best to stay away from excerpts and teasers of anything I’m waiting on to be published. It’s hard…but it’s like sneaking peeks at Christmas presents before the big day and spoiling the surprise. I was never that kid…and I don’t wanna be now.

    Swag: shot glasses (plastic would work) with the Sinners Gin titles and/or one-liners. Custom fortune cookies with quotes from any of your books. The regular magnets, keychain, pens, mouse pads, and bookmarks are also good little treasures.

  21. Judy Stone

    Ramblings, snippets, and interesting tidbits gleaned from researching the latest book. Swag: magnets and bookmarks with quotes. Thanks for the giveaway. Now, tell me about Dim Sum Asylum.

  22. Karen

    I kind of enjoy your ramblings and food pictures and the couple recipes I have gotten… And anything you offer up about your books and characters… <3

  23. Treasure

    ramble away

    What about temporary tattoo’s? Those sticker things. Maybe from Izzy’s shop? Or Kismets work?

  24. We want you to be you . . . not who we tell you to be. We love reading your words. That is why we are here. [I will confess that I would love to learn more about how the audiobook process works and what you like about the Cole McGinnis and Sinner’s series.]

  25. boomonday

    I especially enjoy your ramblings, even when they are evil! I will also obsess over book snippets of any kind Speaking of the latter, let’s hear more from SLOE RIDE! Oh, and keep the food porn coming!😏

  26. Penumbra

    I’d like your food pics and the recipes. You post tasty pics, but then not how to make them πŸ™

    As for swag. I like things I can use. Pens, lip balm, pads of paper to scribble notes.

  27. Carlene McLaughlin

    I like the idea of quotes on magnets, coasters, t-shirts, etc. there have been some great ones. I check in twice a day for your ramblings and the awesome pictures. They are a bright spot in the day. Also really enjoy the updates and interviews from the characters, so even when there isn’t a new novel we can see what they are up to. They are some of the best characters I’ve read. Anything you post is appreciated. Your writing brings a lot of reading pleasure.

  28. sophiesolis397259782

    I would love to see more ramblings… Life according to Rhys is always fun and your exquisite foodie pictures are always wonderful to see πŸ˜‰

  29. Ree Dee

    Any and all things would be greatly appreciated! I always drool over your food pics and wonder how you made the dishes. Ramblings would be great because I love all your books Thank you for thinking of us!

  30. Kerri

    All of it! I love the book suggestions you make, plus authors always have interesting things to say about the publishing industry and goings on. Also, a works in progress page would be awesome, so we could see what you’re up to and what amazing goodness is fomenting in your brain. And what’s going on in your life ramblings, like pictures of a beach day or a trip to Balboa or cons and things you attend or a random road trip with friends. It’s just all really neat and interesting and I would love to see that on your blog. I normally check your blog two to four times a week, but I would totally drop in everyday for that!

  31. isisrising4sandra

    I just like knowing that you, as an author I admire, go through the same stuff that I, as one who only aspires authordom (is that even a word? LOL). People who can pound words out, meet deadlines, carry plotlines without getting too off-track, and actually pour through this stuff to produce something that I love to read – well it’s pretty remarkable.

  32. EMRN

    I really like the blog the way it is. I like the ramblings and I love the commentary on photography. I never new how to critically examine a photograph, but I think I’ve learned a little bit from you.

    I’m also dying to read news about Sloe Ride. I adore Quinn, and Rafe ia quite compelling. Cannot wait for the book. Tell us more!

  33. Cappa

    I LOVE getting tidbits about your characters that don’t always come up in the books. Character interviews are awesome, but even just little snippets like-this character has a secret love for Doctor Who, or this one hates coffee. I’d be thrilled to bits if things like that showed up on the blog more often.

  34. Renee

    Love your ramblings and insight into photos, not to mention how awesome the photos are. Your book updates and other author suggestions are great too.

  35. I love your work so speaking as a fan teasers/excerpts, info on WIP’s, deleted scenes, character Q&A’s and the like make my day. I also find anything related to the process of writing and how you work fascinating. As far as swag goes, maybe notebooks, pens or mouse pads would be cool πŸ™‚

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