Charmed and Dangerous on Preorder

charmed-cover-600I want to talk about Charmed and Dangerous for a bit.

When I got the “call” asking if I wanted in, I of course said yes. I’m dim sometimes but not stupid. However when the lineup was revealed, and I was done huffing into a paper bag, I realized I had to sit down and really think about what I was going to bring to the table.

I think all of us in this book did.

And shit hell did we bring.

This book is huge. Just…fricking huge and packed full of fantastical stuff. I’m going through it right now, reading the other entries and am just chuffed to be a part of it.

Do I sound like an ad? Probably. But I’m really not trying to be. It’s more of me looking at this book as a reader and saying; Christ and Cthulhu this is damned skippy good.

Or Jif. I don’t judge people’s peanut butter preferences.

If you love all the things that go bump in the night or zoom through the dark or twist reality on its head, then grab this. If you’ve ever been curious about one of the ten authors in this or are a hardcore fan, grab this. You won’t regret it.

I sure as hell don’t regret saying yes to Jordan Castillo Price. But then I never do.

Charmed and Dangerous Preorder

15 thoughts on “Charmed and Dangerous on Preorder

  1. edga

    Same as previous lady. I love everything you write, this’ll be no different. Some of the other authors are pretty good too 🙂

  2. Kendra Patterson

    I preordered it the first time you advertised, letting us know it was available. P.S. thx for not judging our peanut butter, because I just buy the cheapest one available. 😉

    1. I have to REALLY want peanut butter to eat it. I’ll cook with it. The dog however is a peanut butter whore. So we always have some.

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