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  1. Dee Ash

    Gorgeous pics, but is the lizard a day gecko, I thought they were Malaysian, my friend has one? And what the heck is photo 1000812, some sort of mink or something?!

    1. Aw, we have a bunch of gecko types here. We just call that a spotted gecko. The furry creature you see there is a mongoose. I need to go thru the pix and add titles 😀

  2. Dee Ash

    Wow. Mongoose. OK then, didn’t know that, think I might need to swot up on my natural biology.

      1. Dee Ash

        Totally worth it. My google hand was well used though and I suspect I’m going to receive a lot of Hawaiian-centric spam fpr a while – it’s already suggesting I book flights I could never afford!
        But where’s the latin names for all those orchids 😉 :O

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