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So… I’ve got this book coming out… Murder and Mayhem. The start of a new series and ah, featuring a pair I have longed to write about for a couple of years now. And I am so happy to have written them.

And on this tour, I’m going to be doing something different. I’m giving away $20 USD Gift certificates at every stop… AND I’m also giving away books.

BUT not my books.

No, 16 authors I admire, love and envy have agreed to let me kill them. Okay, so murder them ala Gorey-ish and THOSE are the books I will be giving away.

Because nothing says Murder and Mayhem like serialized chaos. Be sure to enter to win free books and most of all, have fun. I’ll see you at the chalk lines!

Murder and Mayhem Blog Tour
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Murder and MayhemMurder and Mayhem

Dead women tell no tales.

Former cat burglar Rook Stevens stole many a priceless thing in the past, but he’s never been accused of taking a life—until now. It was one thing to find a former associate inside Potter’s Field, his pop culture memorabilia shop, but quite another to stumble across her dead body.

Detective Dante Montoya thought he’d never see Rook Stevens again—not after his former partner’d falsified evidence to entrap the jewelry thief and Stevens walked off scot-free. So when he tackled a fleeing murder suspect, Dante was shocked to discover the blood-covered man was none other than the thief he’d fought to put in prison and who still made his blood sing.

Rook is determined to shake loose the murder charge against him, even if it means putting distance between him and the rugged Cuban-Mexican detective who brought him down. If one dead con artist wasn’t bad enough, others soon follow, and as the bodies pile up around Rook’s feet, he’s forced to reach out to the last man he’d expect to believe in his innocence—and the only man who’s ever gotten under Rook’s skin.

Read an excerpt and Purchase Murder and Mayhem here:


12 thoughts on “Murder and Mayhem Blog Tour!

    1. Well usually blog tours on online but in this case, I can confirm I shall be at the UK Meet in Bristol in September! *grins* So yes! *grins* xoxoxox

  1. isisrising4sandra

    Oh yeah – and … visited B&N and pre-ordered the NookBook. Call me happy … !!!

    1. Well, since Dirty will be ending soon… I need a hardcore mystery series to kill people in. *laughs* Didn’t Greg do a great job with BDB?

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