Kaylee Update!

10748966_10152795446988629_959524479_nFrom Amanda who dedicates a lot of her time rescuing animals from well… death and humans who should know better…

It is a HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY day! The little girl from Friday who literally had less than an hour to live before she was sprung now gets to leave boarding on Monday and go to a foster home. WELCOME TO RESCUE, BABY GIRL! There have been so many people involved with this one from monetary help, boarding with the amazing Cindy’s Critter Camp, transport, temp rescue, perm rescue, foster home, temperament testing and FB sharing…..this all leaving me with an almost coronary. This completes my day right here! Julia Baird, you are an angel!

4 thoughts on “Kaylee Update!

  1. Patricia

    This is uplifting. I’m glad she’s going to be adopted. Our dog is a rescue dog, and tonight, my husband accidentally startled her by holding a wooden cutting board shaped like a paddle, near her, and the poor dog remembered her previous abuse by owners, and she cowered. Even after thirteen years with us.

    1. She doesn’t have a home yet but she’s got a foster home… which is the next step. So she can learn socialization and how to be loved. And oh yes, they have so many fears.

  2. Lou

    I am so very happy for the baby. Chokes me up and brings tears to my eyes. Some humans are cruel and damn stupid. It’s great to see the good in us!

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