Down and Dirty Giveaway!


You have won the choice of ARC or Character! email me at rhysford at vitaenoir dot com

Tell me what format you want your ebook in OR name/description of the character you want to written as. Can’t promise you’ll live. This one has a high body count but… I’ll do my best.

But ah, that being said… I’ve selected TWO people to receive ARCs of Down and Dirty if they want.

They are:

Julie Bouchard

Claire McGuire

Email me and let me know if you want the ARC. Be sure to tell me what format 😀

Thank you all and really, you all rock!


10 thoughts on “Down and Dirty Giveaway!

  1. craig & claire mcguire

    Oh Wow! I would love the ARC of Down and Dirty. Could I have it in PDF format please. Thank you very much Rhys.

  2. Patricia

    Love the combination of these two men and your title, Down and Dirty. January is so far away!!

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