Twenty Things… Thing.

Twenty things about me as tagged by Gloria Lakritz. If you want to do these, go ahead 😀

I’m supposed to share 20 things. Things people don’t know? See, I’m pretty open about stuff. Sooooo… you probably know these things but here goes.

1. I have mild Aspergers. For years I thought I was broken, wrong… off. Well, yeah kinda but now I don’t have to try to fix it. Apparently my family knew since I was a little kid but didn’t tell me because they didn’t want that stigma attached to me. Would have saved me years of therapy and drug experiments had I known. So my world’s a little sideways but I’m okay with that.

2. I have to work to be social. It’s not natural. I have to remember to ask someone How are they doing if they ask me first. Lots of social cues to be read.

3. That said, being social wears me the fuck out. It’s like I have to be constantly on alert like some hyperactive pointer in the middle of a squirrel family reunion.

4. When I was almost four, a roach crawled into my left ear, laid her eggs and left. The said progeny hatched one night. Everyone thought it was an ear infection until… well, bugs. I went to the hospital that night and we never went back to that apartment. My grandfather who’d raised me for the first few years of life wasn’t going to let me go back there. His only daughter, Roberta, died of an ear infection when she was three (before penicillin).

5. I have scarring on the inside of my left ear and drum. It makes for a lovely equilibrium problem when I’m flying and a passenger in a car. I sometimes get car sick even when driving.

6. I do NOT get sick on a boat.

7. As a child, I anthropomorphized everything. I couldn’t give up a book because I didn’t want its feelings to get hurt.

8. I have nothing from my childhood…toys and the like. I left home very young and my father erased my existence from the household.

9.  There are a few pictures of me when I was young. My mother gave them to me years ago along with a composition book I’d scribbled in when I was three.

20140831_08371310. I could read and write when I was three.*

11. Apparently, I also drew people with square faces and made sure everyone’s philtrum was in place. *

12. The book I drew in apparently was where my mother wrote down recipes she got from my relatives. As a result, I have old recipes for Portuguese sweet bread and malasadas. Along with a few others. **

13. I can sew costumes. I don’t sew because it pisses me off.

14. I cannot stand having cords on my legs or arms. Nothing to do with creepy-crawlies or thinking it’s a bug. I just hate the feel of cords on my skin.

15. I am always shocked when I find out people loathe me. Usually because someone has to have really pissed me off for me to get to that point myself. It surprises me when I discover people have a lower tolerance level or they give a shit about things I just let go by me.

16. I hate writing. I do like making characters and the puzzle of writing. I just hate writing because I can’t ever hit that oomph I want. It’s like having sex and never reaching orgasm.

17. I want to write a book that makes people sob. Because I just want to see if I can.

18. I will never NOT have a happy ending. I will also never kill one of my MCs. I don’t like it in my reading material. I have no intention of writing that.

19. I cannot bake. I have no patience for it. Science. Too much science.

20. I’m actually quite conservative in sexual matters as pertains to me. I don’t do double entendres or work dick jokes into every conversation. I don’t sexualize conversations and sometimes… okay often… I get annoyed when people do it constantly. It’s like fart jokes. Once in a while, okay but a steady diet of it makes me roll my eyes and gack. And not in a Gackt kind of way because that would be cool. It also squicks me out when people start talking about having sexual fantasies with a character I’ve created. They literally are talking about fucking my brain vomit… it’s kinda icky. And gives me odd mental images *grins*

* I don’t know who Lyle Eugene McBurney is. Yes that is my handwriting on the top of the page. Sue me. I was three.

** Andrea Canada and Mary Calmes might find the recipes interesting or useful 😀

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19 thoughts on “Twenty Things… Thing.

  1. Ivarisha

    17. I want to write a book that makes people sob. Because I just want to see if I can.
    U can. And u did already. at least to me with LoveMuchMine AU. U change my life so much. U made me think about things i never thought. U opened a whole new world of books to me. I’m so grateful. No matter how many times I tell you THANK YOU it’ll never be enough. <3 <3 <3

  2. You want to write a book that makes people sob? Already done! I would put Cole & Jae-Min at the top of that tree. Real or not I adore those two & all others in their world. That takes nothing away from Kane & Micki as they are a different world & I enjoy visiting in both.
    My oldest grandchild has Asperger’s & is profoundly deaf. He is one smart kid & always has been!! So proud of that kid!

      1. He lives with his parents, my son & DIL, has a job & friends who get him. They are in Alaska. I do know he doesn’t drive & his Mom worries about him living on his own someday.

      1. Sorry – the only time I scream at the pages while I’m reading is when I think a character is being too stupid to live or I find irritating plot holes & inconsistencies, and you don’t do that!

  3. Ummm …lessee what I can come up with 😉

    1. I discovered ElfQuest when I was 11yrs old & fell instantly in love.

    2. EQ taught me to draw( I have sketch books of my version of elves) because I learned elf proportion all my faces have HUGE eyes & tiny noses….lol I never learned to correct that to this day even when trying to draw vanilla humans.

    3. I have discovered I am getting less social the older I get. Soon I will be yelling at people to get off my lawn;P

    4. My son is on the autistic scale(which really is so widely varied it’s just crazy) which means my little man is still learning how to express himself verbally (he’s 7yrs now) You cannot have a conversation with him because he just does not have the language savvy to respond to ” how was your day?” Etc. but he learns more every day & has no problem finding words to tell you off 😉

    5. I have always loved reading. Wherever I go I have a book…well these days my Kindle lol

    6. Didn’t realize it would be so hard thinking up 20 things ;P

    7. I have always told myself stories just never gotten any of them outta my head, so I admire those who do…write that is 😉 You guys rock & being able to live in your worlds for time is a privilege.

    8. I am a cat person. I adore dogs & other fur babies, but have learned over time I am best able to care for cats.

    9. My favorite part of playing Sims is building & decorating their houses ;D

    10. Gah 10 more to go!!

    11. I was born on my paternal grandmother Bday which might have been cool if she had been a nicer person.

    12. Hubby son & I live with my sister & niece. Kinda cool the whole extended family thing….most of the time lol

    13. I have lived in the same area my whole life

    14. Soooo do not feel as old as I am!

    15. Would never opt to be an astronaut …the whole beauty of space, while true, would freak me out

    16. Have been to England 3 times.

    17. HATE having my picture taken. If it must be done do it when I am not paying attention. lol

    18. Would rather be at home then anywhere else.

    19. Didn’t really enjoy the whole pregnancy experience…mother lied I tell you! It was mostly awkward & uncomfortable lol

    20. Okay that last one may come under TMI, but I was digging I tells ya! Yay I did it 😉

  4. Patti Anne

    Okay…sobbing: when Kane discovers the ugly truth of Miki’s childhood; poor Forest stuck in that dumpster, losing his adoptive dad (when Con is holding him in the parking lot), when Forest calls his mom from the hospital; when Jae turns away from Cole, and when Cole has the conversation with his stepmom–the dad was ugly, the stepmom was heart-breaking. That whole scene with Cole’s parents had me screaming at the pages and doing the ugly cry. Your writing has OOMPH. You are one of the best, if not THE best in this genre, IMHO. @;D. xxx.

  5. Ka

    You have made me cry… I emailed you about it, I think I demanded recompense in Kleenex 😜

    1. But you know what I mean. I want to have that gut punch moment when your heart stops for a second, because the blood going through you is too painful.

  6. Be glad they had a word for it… No such thing existed when I was a child. Eye contact is a PITA and every time they attempt to write it in my youngests IEP (severe but not ID) mama gets it removed.

    Love your stories. Slowly getting them all in print.

  7. Patricia

    The twenty things were touching because you let us into your head. I did not know being social was difficult. I loved the description — a pointer dog in a room of squirrels–too much!

    1. Oh god yes. SO much going on and then my brain can’t handle so it telescopes in to only focus on what’s in front of me and then everything else fades off.

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